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    It's shame that such option are not INCLUDED BY DEFAULT in VS2012.

    To fix the ugly monochrome icons you also have to install this addon:

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    Now the VS2012 is a bit more usable. The complete UX Team should be fired!

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    @MagicAndre1981 - smallest prob evar. All future innovations should have been included by default as well.

    Dang it MS, fix your freakin time machine or time/space stopwatch so you can either put everything in at once, or at least go back and put it in V1.0 when you finish it. But, double dang it, don't do anything without making sure MagicAndre and the rest of the vocal minority approve it first!

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    "The complete UX Team should be fired!"
    I disagree,I think the new interface is absolutely gorgeous and leaps ahead of the last implementation.

    I will agree that it seems like this type of functionality should be built in.

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    , Qinl wrote



    He means that this extension will crash when using Visual Studio 2012 in Chinese.

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    Daniel Smith

    I love the interface but the monochrome is not pleasing.

    I do think this should be in by default, but whatever. I'm happen I can change it now

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    Does it work on Express versions?

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    Hi there, I open a number of VS windows instances sometimes, is it possible to have different VS windows using different themes? Currently, when i changed a theme, it applies to all VS windows...

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    >...The complete UX Team should be fired!

    I agree. I call VS2012 'Zombie Studio'

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    Marco Tognacci

    Very good extension, but it will be very nice to change the color scheme associated for each instance of visual studio to have each solution with a different color. As with the shell of visual studio it's possible to have multiple floating window, if you have to work with more than one solution opened at time it will be much simple to recognize all the windows linked to a solution project if the have a dolor for each solution.

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    All these themes do not compare to the classic view. There are no colorful icons. I feel as if I have become color blind. Why MS changes things just for the sake of change?

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    @MagicAndre1981: clearly Microsoft is having a lot of fun by annoying some of their core audience: developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers ...

    I don't need the icons, but the color theme editor certainly makes it possible to work with VS2012 without getting eye cancer.

    THANKS Matthew for this extension!

    I agree that the UI is ugly. Although this is subjective, MS won't listen when they made a wrong decision objectively. Best example: quick launch. They kicked it, saying that the new start menu pinning is much better. But is it? Turns out the pinning doesn't allow to tack stuff like my MSDN documentation onto the task bar. A post I wrote in the respective blog so proudly announcing the new start menu back in the day was simply censored. Way to go!

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