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Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RTM is now available for download. Dmitry Lyalin joins Robert to get you up to speed on what is new in this release. They first provide an overview of all the highlight features in Update 3 and then jump into demos with guest speakers on the following new features not previously demoed on Toolbox:

  • Merwan Hade shows new Azure tooling, including the ability to configure and take snapshots of virtual machines, the ability to view storage container logs and the ability to create and manage notification hubs. [26:00]
  • Rong Lu shows the new graphics diagnostic tooling for C++ to help you diagnose graphics rendering and performance issues in DirectX apps. [37:45]
  • Brady Gaster shows tooling for adding Azure WebJobs to an Azure Web site. He also shows improvements to the JSON editor. [51:10]





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    The Discussion

    • Mark

      The update 3 install now link is pointing at update 2. (VS2013.2.exe)

    • LyalinDotCom


      Thank you for reporting that, we submitted a fix already for this issue it just takes a little time to propagate. sorry about that.

    • Greymarch

      Still no VS2013 Update 3 at the links provided above. All of the above links take you to VS2013 Update 2.

    • LyalinDotCom


      I hate to say this but it just takes time to fix a broken link since it has to propagate, it should be working shortly. Really sorry for your issues

    • Abdella

      Nice and thanks 

    • bitFlinger

      Are there any limitations developing mobile apps, using VS2013 Update 3, on a windows 7 PC as opposed to windows 8.1 PC? If so, what are they?

    • rogreen

      @bitFlinger: You need Windows 8 to build Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. See the requirements for the Phone emulator here. To build Windows 8 apps, you could use a Win 8 VM. But that won't work for Phone apps.

      You can build iOS and Android apps with the Xamarin tools on both Windows 7 and 8.


    • bitFlinger

      Robert (Part 1 of 2),

      I'm a bit confused. Based on the following excerpts, it seems like VS2013 update 3/CTP2 addressed developing windows 8.1 store apps on windows 7 machines:

      - Today, we are releasing an updated CTP2 of the Multi-Device Hybrid Apps tools. CTP2 includes support for developers on Windows 7 desktops, debugging support for Android <4.4 and across-the-board quality, reliability and performance improvements. REF

    • bitFlinger

      Robert (Part 2 of 2),

      - Support for Windows 7 and 8. According to our data, nearly 15% of developers who attempt to install the Cordova extension are using Windows 7 or 8. Prior to this release, those developers would have had to upgrade to Windows 8.1 – which isn't always convenient or even possible in an enterprise environment. So, starting with CTP 2.0, developers running Windows 7+ (including Windows Server 2012 R2) can install and use the same toolset previously available only on Windows 8.1. REF:

      What is the point of the toolkit without VS?

      Therefore, Can someone clarify if you can develop HTML5/CSS/JS windows 8.1 store apps using VS2013 on a windows 7 development box. If possible, are there any limitations?

    • rogreen

      @bitFlinger: With the Cordova extension, you can build Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android apps. To build Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps, you have to be running Windows 8. If you have Windows 7, you could only build iOS and Android apps.  


    • AdamWyzgol
    • Chris Richner

      Great Job, thanks!

    • LyalinDotCom

      @AdamWyzgol: Thanks for making sure folks are aware of this Adam!

    • LyalinDotCom

      @Chris Richner: Thank you Chris, Robert works hard to ensure these videos happen and im glad to have a chance to help.

    • vinmack181

      What is the laptop used by Rong Lu - it looks like a Lenovo

      But cool looking. - what is the specific model number?

    • Ian

      I'm looking for a way to instal vs professional 2013 with update 2. I was able to find update2 iso file, but all the download links are for update 3 now.

      how can i use Update2?

    • rogreen

      @Ian: We only have links to the most recent updates on the public download site. You can get previous updates via MSDN subscriptions.

      Everything in Update 2 is in Update 3. Is there a reason not to install Update 3?


    • Ian

      @rogreen: Thank you for the response. I am currently using a vs 2012 pro, and trying to build CEF project. I have been told that i should try building it with vs 2013pro update2 in order for it to work, because so far everything else has failed!

      I did manage to find update2 ISO file (only the update) but all the links in MS websites that like to update 2 are now linked to update 3, it seems like it is nowhere to be found!!

      Sorry for the long message, but i was not able to find the vs update2 download link that is not a link to download update 3! Could you help me with that please

    • rogreen

      @Ian: If you have an MSDN subscription, you can find Update 2 in the Subscriber Downloads. If you do not, I would recommend you install Update 3 and see if the project works. If it does not, email me at rogreen at microsoft dot com and I will try and help.


    • Andrey Karpov

      A Slipshod Check of the Visual C++ 2013 Library (update 3):

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