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    Burton Smith

    Thank you for the great overview! I am a huge VS Code fan and can't wait for the plug-in feature to be added. How did you get the vertical indent guides to display? I have been looking for that for some time.

    Thanks again!

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    Pawel Sledzikowski

    I have to say that I'm really impressed with the new Visual Studio Code. After initial misunderstanding what this product can actually do during the launch back in April 2015 I'm quite pleased to re-discover it once again now.

    As a developer who is using various stacks including Node.js one I was looking for such tool since 2012 year. And this is my biggest complaint - it's a pity that some much time had to passed until this editor came out. If only it was available back then in 2012 when Node.js has such a big momentum and debugging even medium apps was such a pain in the *. Nevertheless, great job guys!

    The other thing is that Visual Studio Code has been written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript technologies so unfortunately it cannot really compares to the full-blown text editors like e.g. Sublime Text because performance really matters. But other than that it is a great app, especially if somebody don't like competitive IDE's written e.g. in Java (such a scary word). Even Node.js Tools for VS looks little bit odd comparing to VS Code.

    Someone in forum said: MS - stick to writing a software, you are pretty good at it. And I cannot agree more with this once again for this particular reason.

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    very nice.
    And also very impressive how you pull the Microsoft presentation on a macbook.

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    When it comes down to it, and when push comes to shove, and all that goes with it, I am forced to admit this really is the bee's knees to IDEs, and the best thus far I've seen.

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    Great intro to VS Code!
    Regarding the theme, I think that the dark one is much better for demo purposes. At least I feel my eyes more relaxed with it (being on both dark or bright rooms).

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