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In this episode, Robert is joined by Kendra Havens. Every version of Visual Studio introduces new productivity features. If you want to see some of the ones introduced in Visual Studio 2019, check out Kendra's video here. But what about the ones that have been in Visual Studio for a while that you may have missed? To see some of those, watch this video. Kendra shows:

  • Navigate backward [03:55]
  • Solution Explorer tips [04:55]
  • Editor context menu (Alt + `) [06:40]
  • Keyboard command mapping [09:30]
  • Right-click on .sln > Open With [13:00]
  • Clipboard History (Ctrl + Shift + V) [14:10]
  • Go to recent files (Ctrl + T + R) [15:10]
  • Go to last edit location (Ctrl + Shift + Backspace)[15:20]
  • Multi-caret editing [16:10]
  • Using Git in Team Explorer [19:00]
  • Code snippets (Ctrl + K, Ctrl + X) [24:55]





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The Discussion

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    Great episode!
    Open Folder in File Explorer has a new shortcut now (Ctrl+O, Ctrl+E) for me.

    Thanks Robert and Kendra.
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    Great presentation! Please add more.
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    A lot of good stuff here. I like your github project where you add a file per Visual Studio Version. I'd like to see more of this for future version as well as for past ones.

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    Doctor Who
    Thank you, Robert and Kendra, for this episode of Visual Studio Toolbox. I love seeing VS tips!

    I remember seeing the multi-caret editing before, which I think was introduced in VS 2017. It never worked for me, although I tried using it several times. I'll give it another try - perhaps VS 2019 multi-caret editing experience will be different.

    I really appreciate being shown the keyboard command mapping! I've often wanted to create my own keyboard shortcut, but was afraid to do so, because I thought I'd stomp on the top of some other command mapped to the same shortcut. Now I know I can find out if a command is bound to Ctrl+A,Ctrl+B before I go and assign whatever command I want to that.

    And I really like that surround code snippet functionality!! Many is the times I've started creating a region, then forget to end the region. Argh!! This will help me with that.
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    I can't clone Kendra's repo. Every time I try to, I get the following error message:

    Git failed with a fatal error.
    unable to access '': OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

    Doesn't matter if I try to clone it from within VS 2019 or at the PowerShell command line, I get the same error.
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    Is there something wrong with GitHub? I just tried using GitHub Desktop. It tells me that it cannot fine Kendra's repo. Then I tried just going to in the browser (both MS Edge and Chrome). That ain't workin', either.
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    RodAtWork, I was just able to clone this repo with no issues. Are you having issues with other repos or just this one?
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    Excellent presentation! Really cool stuff!! Really awesome!! Hope to see more such shortcuts.

    Thanks Robert and Kendra.
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    Great presentation! Please add more.
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    OOBE = Out Of Box Experience
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    whats alt - 'tick' ? what's tick ?

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    @andrew: tick = backtick (so this one: `)

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