Visual Studio Toolbox: Analyzing Your Code

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In this episode, Robert looks at how you can analyze your code to see if it meets coding standards. Standards are made up of rules and Visual Studio includes about 200 rules organized into rule sets. If you are using Visual Studio Premium or Ultimate, you can use the managed code analysis tool to check your code and see where your code violates the rules. If you don't have Premium or Ultimate, you can use FxCop, a standalone code analysis tool that is part of the Windows SDK.



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The Discussion

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    Great! You didn't get to fixing the naming on your objects and functions, etc. :/ But thanks for showing this, really usefull! Big Smile

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    David Charron

    It would have been nice to be able to auto correct the code just by clicking the warnings.

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    Not bad, I've been thinking about integrating this stuff with our build server some day.

    I just wish FxCop would have come farther by now. It's been around for a while and still has the same idiosyncrasies it's always had. It's not very easy to find a download link either, just try to Google it (or Bing if that's your thing.)

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    @martinmine: Check out the previous episode on building a CodeRush plug-in that fixes the naming. I posted on my blog about how to download and use the plug-in. Works great.

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    i like your style - since I saw your appdev videos [they we're purchased legally, so don't worry], good work Wink

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    Thanks robert , i liked your style since the first episode , i keep checking channel 9 waiting for more of your episodes.

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