Visual Studio Toolbox: Analyzing Your Code

Play Visual Studio Toolbox: Analyzing Your Code

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    Great! You didn't get to fixing the naming on your objects and functions, etc. :/ But thanks for showing this, really usefull! Big Smile

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    David Charron

    It would have been nice to be able to auto correct the code just by clicking the warnings.

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    Not bad, I've been thinking about integrating this stuff with our build server some day.

    I just wish FxCop would have come farther by now. It's been around for a while and still has the same idiosyncrasies it's always had. It's not very easy to find a download link either, just try to Google it (or Bing if that's your thing.)

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    @martinmine: Check out the previous episode on building a CodeRush plug-in that fixes the naming. I posted on my blog about how to download and use the plug-in. Works great.

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    i like your style - since I saw your appdev videos [they we're purchased legally, so don't worry], good work Wink

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    Thanks robert , i liked your style since the first episode , i keep checking channel 9 waiting for more of your episodes.

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