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Visual Studio Toolbox: Building Metro Style Apps with JavaScript

27 minutes, 44 seconds


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Previously on Visual Studio Toolbox, Robert showed how to use Visual Studio 11 and XAML to start building Metro style apps for Windows 8. In this episode, Robert shows you how to use JavaScript, demonstrating each of the three project templates Visual Studio provides as well as building an app that uses real data instead of sample data.


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  • teomanteoman

    can you make videos more quality?


  • Koistya `Navinkoistya RIA Guy | Koistya `Navin

    The outcome looks pretty close to what you can do with XAML.. so, what are the prons and cons of HTML5 vs XAML Metro style app development?

  • Golnazgolnazal HEY HEY HEY

    @teoman: You can download the video to watch it more clear. It's the streaming that is causing your poor viewing quality. These videos are all recorded 1280x720 HD.

  • StreamingguyStreamingguy

    @golnazal Is smooth streaming option removed for Channel9 videos? Earlier, the stream used to switch bitrates when viewed in Full screen.

  • fidelfidel

    how can I building a data basic

  • fidelfidel

    como posso construir uma base de dados.
    o que fazer para ser bom programador de software

  • JulesJules

    I am really not looking forward to this HTML/JS World, it looks really ugly way to develop Apps. Visual Studio 11 looks really dreary.

    I am going to stay with XAML/ C# where possible. I feel its more robust and productive to get functionality up and running. Hopefully they will make VS 2011 more colourful for our day Job.

  • @golnazal:

    There is a problem with the embeded video playback quality on this episode, and it's not just this show - the same problem exists on the defrag show, I first noticed it earlier this week but thought it was just me.

    The previous episodes of this show (as well as defrag) are working fine in full screen, and all of the text and video artifacts become razor-sharp after only a few seconds into full screen mode.

    I don't know what's going on, but it leads me to believe the something has changed in the last week with C9's content streaming or post production encoding. Note that this video is a follow-on episode to the previous one. Same person doine the video, same setup it appears, but vastly differing playback quality.

    Take a look at the text rendering while he is writing code in the previous episode and the come back to this one. You'll see the same thing on the last 2 shows over at Defrag.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can do to put this info in front of the correct people at C9.

    Dan Gardner

  • @Jules: You say VS 11 is dreary. Do you mean Visual Studio in general? If so, wouldn't that also be true if you are building XAML apps, as well as non Metro style applications? The IDE is pretty much the same regardless of what type of application you are building.

    Or are you saying that the problem is not Visual Studio, but the actual apps you build? I agree that the various templates don't have a lot of color in them. But you can use Blend to create good looking apps. Check out this week's episode (coming Wednesday) on using Blend to create good looking HTML based Metro style apps. And next week's episode will show using Blend with XAML based Metro style apps.


  • Golnazgolnazal HEY HEY HEY

    @danrendragMadStreamingguy: you guys are right. the smooth streaming is missing from the latest episodes. I just found out from the dev team that they had turned off the smooth streaming when we were having domain issues. but from here on out it should be on!



  • so let me ask the flowing Q? , do you Suggests that I  throw all my .net  skills  that a Learn so hard for tha past 10 years and start learn HTML 5 !! and JS !! ,  This is a  joke  but not awesome one !! , I'm stack with Win7 for long long long time  

  • @thealgabban:No one is suggesting that you throw away any of your skills. If you want to build Metro style apps for Windows 8, you can choose whether you want to use XAML with C#/VB/C++ or use JavaScript with HTML/CSS. This is your choice and they are both good choices. If you don't want to build Metro style apps, you can continue to build the same types of apps you have been building, whether they are Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF or Silverlight. And you can do this both on Windows 7 and on Windows 8.


  • Griffin CooperGriffin Cooper

    Is there a way to obtain the source code for both projects that were shown in this presentation? Thanks in advance.

  • Is there any way to build a data basic.

  • stevesteve

    Koistya asked above:
    The outcome looks pretty close to what you can do with XAML.. so, what are the prons and cons of HTML5 vs XAML Metro style app development?

    I'd be curious as to the response too.

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