Visual Studio Toolbox: Building Metro Style Apps with XAML

Play Visual Studio Toolbox: Building Metro Style Apps with XAML


The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been available for download for about a month now and if you haven't started building Metro style apps, now is a good time. In this episode, Robert takes a look at how you can use Visual Studio 11 to start building Metro style apps for Windows 8. Robert will focus on using XAML and will show you how to use each of the three project templates Visual Studio provides. He will then demonstrate building an app that uses real data instead of sample data.



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    Robert, I would like to get my hands on the webproxy project. Using httpclient async is the hardest part of this new programming puzzle. Can I download it somewhere, or can you email it to me?

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    Roark Dority


    Thank you SO MUCH for this incredibly helpful / useful video tutorial!

    May You have a lot of Good Windows Karma! :-)

    Very Much Appreciated,

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