Visual Studio Toolbox: Designing XAML-based Metro style apps with Visual Studio and Blend

Play Visual Studio Toolbox: Designing XAML-based Metro style apps with Visual Studio and Blend

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    Impressive, but a lot of tricks to learn to become a Master. Nice to see I can sped more time in Visual Studio. Time to dive in an play, and watch some more videos.

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    Will Blend 5 be release as stand-alone? I think MS made a mistake to force developers to buy the entire suite (and put blend in the most expensive one).
    How many Expression Ultimate license has MS sold? really.... 100? 200?
    So dear Joanna, just follow Guy Kawasaki advices on youtube Smiley

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    Steve Wortham

    I'm a Blend user myself.  I got Blend for free thanks to BizSpark.  So for anything design related I'll have Blend open in "split" view, often using the tooling of Blend and writing XAML by hand in equal measure.

    But it's good to see the improvements in tooling for VS11 when it comes to XAML.  Most of the features I saw were things that past versions of Blend could always do.  But it's really going to help those who don't have Blend.

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    You're not put image on Assets folder, but you hard code path as "/Assets/image.jpg".

    Thanks for your tips and tricks.

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    Oh Please let Blend 5 to export in standard HTML5 as well, and not Win8 only.
    After the Silverlight case, i'm not using non standard techs as well. This is the main reason i never have done a Windows Phone 7 app.

    If Blend 5 could be used to build Html5 websites, then more programmers will use it to build Metro apps too.

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    great stuff.... Smiley

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    @Michael, I have told too many people to let me know what is the stat of Expression web 4. Uservoice and connect site also look dead. Hanselman write a post that "Visual Studio for front-end developer" but not write EW anywhere in post.

    Most recently written article never consider EW when they are talking about VS11 for html5,css. Is that Means you will kill EW4 or user need to use something else like Blend5 (pretty good if msft do it).

    So Can someone answer it.

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    Little cheesy presentation, feels even somewhat unprofessional at times. You can see they want  to consider themselves 'designers' not 'code monkeys', and feel uncomfortable with that 'visual studio'. Go back to your Blend product and dark theme.

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