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    oh the fork

    Oh great, more c# demos and look it doesn't say that in the title yet again.
    How nice of you to create false hope and waste peoples time. Like priests selling forgiveness.

    This series really should be renamed to "visual studio toolbox for c#" or "visual studio toolbox for microsoft owned languages".

    I want my minutes back ! The time it took for me to swallow my hope and realize this was another c# video.

    To your face i would call you a sorry excuse for developer using c# and douchebag for the incorrect titles and because you delete comments that are remotely negative, you're the cowardly type that get people killed in movies, but sadly that would be a waste of time too. Humans do not listen to constructive feedback, you work for microsoft so will definitely not listen.

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    Now that's a man/women with his hope crushed one too many times and with a serious withdrawal for videos with non-microsoft pimped content.

    I've gotten that feeling too a few times too on c9 but never even bothered to comment about it for a reason he pretty much nailed.

    @Robert Green
    What did you do to him ? Psychic warfare ?
    For fun, nudge him/her over the cliff. I want to watch the result.
    Now if that were on the telly and i would watch it. I have a new telly but no good shows to watch.

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    Considering the point of the video is CodeRush and not the development language, I think the comment is highly inappropriate. Having cut my teeth on the road from Fortran to C, C++, VC++ to C# I take offense.

    Fact is, it sounds like "oh the fork" is a one dimensional developer. Having worked on all of the above languages and more (including being MS certified in both C# and VB.NET), I realize that it doesn't matter what language is being demonstrate if you've been open to more than one, you can gain the same understanding. As an example, being a MS-developer has never stopped me from reading very good architecture and design books written using Java and I've never had one iota of trouble following along.

    People in glass houses...

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    @oh the fork

    Did you really expect to come to the microsoft developer network, to learn about java, ruby Go!!

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    So we have the Anti-C# group and the Anti-Microsoft group well represented by a couple of welfare cases. So your time is worth $0.00 and you really have no claim. As the rep from Dell said " buddy, you're too stupid to own a computer, put it back in the box and..".

    Present day, there is more documentation and are more demonstrations, walk-throughs and videos than there has ever been - all thanks to Microsoft and their associated contributors. Perhaps a little cheese would go good with that whine!

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    It is like going to sports channel and ask for movies!!!!!!

    didn't you notice "fork" that this is microsoft channel9

    thanks robert,always great topics

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    Everything in DevExpress works the same (basically) in VB as well as C#

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    This excellent show is about tools to add to Visual Studio, it makes sense to pick one language stick with it. So of couse you would pick C#.

    As someone else said most of the features are language independent anyway.

    I think fork sounds like a frustrated VB developer that cant or wont make the move to C# either because they are too lazy or trapped in a legacy project. Either way, if you dont like the show's preference to C# then dont watch it. There are many others that love it either way and top marks to Robert for the effort he puts in and outstanding presentation.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Trolls will be trolls, I use Telerik products and was interested in the competition and what they had to say..

    If you can program in one language then you can program in just about any language, the mindset is the same. Take a big problem and break it down into manageable steps and then work on one step at a time. Some languages you have to use more steps, but once you figure out what you want all you have to do is figure out how do I do it.  Familiarity with the language makes it faster.

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    @oh the fork:What did you want C++. VB or F#?  remember it is Visual Studio Toolbox

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    opening this thread with a comment

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    Andrew tibanyendera

    how can i crack my ASP.NET DevExpress using Visual 2010

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