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    Interesting video and thank you.

    I however see different data in terms of Linq to SQL usage over Linq to Entities in the field. Primarily because Linq to Entities has some problems on Windows XP and that is a large platform in the deployment area, specifically for line of business and enterprise software. Its also quicker out of the box to knock out a Linq to SQL classes model and start coding right away, without the worry about how to handle the metadata files that are intrinsic to Linq to Entities.

    Despite all of this, I agree that Linq to Entities is the way to go in the long run. I use it in many of my products and services to support multiple database models (primary SQL Server and MySQL).

    Keep up the hard work and will look forward to more videos to come.

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    @Everyone: Here is a link to the EF 4.3 beta release announcement. You will find more information about what is included and how to get the bits:


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    I do have one question regarding future releases,

    If EF will be NuGet only, what will support for Express versions be seeing as NuGet is an extension; or will it be (or is it) one of the few Express scantioned extensions? Obviously if NuGet isn't usable in Express this will severly limit who can use the latest versions.

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    @Atlantisbase: NuGet will be available in all SKUs of Visual Studio 11. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to get NuGet to install in Visual C# Express 2010 or Visual Basic Express 2010, but here is a workaround:

    1. Go to the NuGet Gallery site:
    2. Login (create a user account if necessary)
    3. Navigate to the packages section:
    4. Select EntityFramework and the version that you want to obtain
    5. Click on the Download link on the left (currently, the link only appears if you login)
    6. Rename the .NUPKG file to .ZIP and extract EntityFramework.dll
    7. Add EntityFramework.dll to your project manually

    This should give you access to all the functionality of DbContext and CodeFirst. I am not sure there is a way to manually register the Migrations scripts in Visual Studio though.

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    Interesting new features but Robert needs to speak to Scott Hanselman about presentation skills.

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    @PhilMurray:How about I talk to you? Big Smile What should I do to improve my presentation skills? Be honest, but nice.

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    I didn't think there was any poor presentation skills here. I think the gentlemen in the middle (Diego I believe) could have been a little bit more involved through the beginning, but it was a good video and educational nonetheless.

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    Hey EF team! I have a question that has been driving me and others nuts, because a solution is not easy to find on the net. What is the best way to output metadata files for multiple types of databases to file (or embedded).

    For example, I have a EF model that defines my database schema. The same model is used for both MySQL and SQL Server. The current way we have dealt with this is to change the DDL Generation Template property between and and build each one to get the appropriate output, then load them from the file system in our app.

    This has to be done manually for each database type we support. So we have to do a build for SQL, and a build for MySQL. Is there a better way to automate this process so we don't have to manually edit the model in Visual Studio causing a checkout from source control and to prevent breaking the model? It would be best if these changes did not have to be made manually each time.

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    Great video! statement completion in the package manager console (as shown in the video) doesn't work for me, at least not with the usual Ctrl+Spacebar am I doing it wrong?

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    Abdur Rashid


    For your Program

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    Awesome series and great job by all - got me to look back to EF as a real option once again.

    It was good that the episodes were actually longer than usual and being an Aussie I found Rowan very easy to listen to. Diego (sorry if it is not right) had a harder accent for me but a very smart and reserved guy. And Robert, well great as always, keeping it focused but asking questions that most of us would have too - great host on a valuable and informative show.

    Keep up the good work and +1 for more of these "meaty" shows rather than video reviews of products. Thanks guys!

    ps: didnt understand the logic of going to EF 5 rather than EF 4.5 as a numbering, as it contradicted the reasons for the team going straight from EF1 / 2 straight to EF4

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    Nice!  Thank you Robert.  Bring them back please.

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    You talked about some new and old books at 46:00++.

    Can you post some links to those books, please.

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    Great posting.  I learned a lot in both presentations on this EF series.      Robert, I think your presentation skills are fine.  You appear to really enjoy talking about the subject matter being discussed.   This keeps the session interesting and entertaining.

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    Really looking forward to using EF in a project. If it was only as fast the the hand coded ADO.NET then I think everyone would be on board.

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    Grahame Horner

    nice video, I'm wondering if EF 5.0 will support SQL CDC features?

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