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Damian Edwards of the ASP.NET product team joins us this week and shows off the JScript Editor Extensions. These four extensions add support for brace matching, the <para> tag, outlining, and highlighting instances of a word. Damian will demonstrate how these enable you to more quickly and easily write JScript. After the demos, we talk a bit about what it took to write these extensions and then close with a brief chat about what we can expect in Visual Studio vNext.



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The Discussion

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    Can Microsoft stop calling JavaScript JScript already. People ask me what JScript is when I post about your "JScript Editor Improvements"

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    They cannot (well, at least not without licensing the trademark "JavaScript" from Oracle); JScript is the name of their implementation of the ECMAScript standard.

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    Are you sure that the trademark JavaScript belongs to Oracle? How are Mozilla and Google using it then? What is more this is an editor extension. Surely they can create editor extensions for a language which name is a trademark registered by Oracle.

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    I am using JSEnhancements( It works in both js and css. It doesn't support highlight current word or <para>, but I think it's better.

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    DiryBoy: I haven't used either so I'm curious if you could give us a few examples of why you think JSEnhancements is better?

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    JavaScript does not have anything to do with Java, besides a similar name.

    Oracle does not have any control over JavaScript.

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    Moondevil, perhaps not control, but Oracle owns the trademark: JavaScript (tm)

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    Another thing that would be interesting is "go to definition" for the objects and methods in java script.

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    I'm not sure if that's even possible to implement, because of how js works. Let's say you have 3 files with methods:
    doSomething() { }
    doSomething() { }
    main.js() {
    then you can include in web page either a.js, or b.js. So while editing main.js VS wouldn't know which file to reference

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