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There are a number of third-party vendors providing tools you can use to enhance your productivity when developing with Visual Studio. Recently, Robert sat down with three of them: DevExpress (makers of CodeRush), JetBrains (makers of ReSharper), and Telerik (makers of JustCode). Each had 20 minutes to show how their product can help you write better code faster. In this episode, Ilya Ryzhenkov of JetBrains shows us ReSharper.



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The Discussion

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    Nice and precise., but the demo is not clear.

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    @renu:Just curious, what about the demo is not clear?

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    David Cuccia

    I'm guessing he meant that the default video format is blurry. I switched to adaptive and everything was much more clear.

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    Param Iyer

    nice show

    couple of questions

    1. which version of resharper supports jQuery intellisense?
    2. why is it like VS Resharper has anew version every 6 months?


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    @Param Iyer: ReSharper 6 supports JS & jQuery intellisense. And we do have new major version every year, well, because we work hard Smiley

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    And yes, if you have questions - feel free to ask!

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    Well , Before watching this show i had the idea that these tools doesn't offer any thing but more annoyance,
    now i think resharper is really a great tool and add a real value to my development work.
    and the best is that i can try it for a month,
    so thanks

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    Thanks to you I can't work on anything anymore without resharper installed..  Yes, it is really that much more productive. Waiting for f# support so i can learn that language by alt-entering my way trough =)

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