Visual Studio Toolbox: Power Commands for Visual Studio 2010

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Robert is flying solo this week as he shows you the Power Commands for Visual Studio 2010 extension. He notes that there have been almost 250,000 downloads of this, and after seeing it you will understand why. This extension adds a number of commands to Visual Studio to help you work with projects, files, references, and code.



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The Discussion

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    Do I need an account to view the video Visual Studio Toolbox: Power Commands for Visual Studio? I get a blank view screen with the run time listed as 00:00:00. This is also happening with other videos. I got to the video through the MS online help.

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    @Beatrice:No, that definitely is not required. Have you tried downloading any of the files listed to the right of the video player?

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    Hi Thanks, for the video, this series is very useful.

    I was just wonedering what the snazzy little graph on the bottom right corner of VS2010 is? a cpu meter?

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    Yep mee too.

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    Allen Feinberg

    That little graph is perfwatson.

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    Thanks for the vid.  Question. Could they add a "Remove unused references" to References node? Remove any ref that is not called in the project from the list.

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    Great videos and very useful collection. Keep going.

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    All those commands are things I *rarely* do. The best add-ins make tasks I do constantly better. That's where DPack ( shines. A keystroke to invoke a dialog that searches through all files in the solution (turn on the option to show all files) filtering down to the one I want - hitting enter opens the file. Another function to do the same thing for all methods in the current file. Both allow navigating through files and methods (something all developers do *constantly*) much more efficient.
    I first started using it as a Delphi developer (that's where the 'D' comes from I think) 11 years ago and have used it daily ever since.

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    Will the email-ing code snippets work with t-bird, instead of outlook?

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