Visual Studio Toolbox: Power Commands for Visual Studio 2010

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    Do I need an account to view the video Visual Studio Toolbox: Power Commands for Visual Studio? I get a blank view screen with the run time listed as 00:00:00. This is also happening with other videos. I got to the video through the MS online help.

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    @Beatrice:No, that definitely is not required. Have you tried downloading any of the files listed to the right of the video player?

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    Hi Thanks, for the video, this series is very useful.

    I was just wonedering what the snazzy little graph on the bottom right corner of VS2010 is? a cpu meter?

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    Yep mee too.

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    Allen Feinberg

    That little graph is perfwatson.

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    Thanks for the vid.  Question. Could they add a "Remove unused references" to References node? Remove any ref that is not called in the project from the list.

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    Great videos and very useful collection. Keep going.

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    All those commands are things I *rarely* do. The best add-ins make tasks I do constantly better. That's where DPack ( shines. A keystroke to invoke a dialog that searches through all files in the solution (turn on the option to show all files) filtering down to the one I want - hitting enter opens the file. Another function to do the same thing for all methods in the current file. Both allow navigating through files and methods (something all developers do *constantly*) much more efficient.
    I first started using it as a Delphi developer (that's where the 'D' comes from I think) 11 years ago and have used it daily ever since.

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    Will the email-ing code snippets work with t-bird, instead of outlook?

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