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Welcome to the debut episode of the Visual Studio Toolbox, a show that will focus on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio. The goal is to help you become a more productive developer. In this episode, we will start to explore the Productivity Power Tools, a freely downloadable extension. We'll look at the Solution Navigator and see how it helps us navigate and understand solutions.

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The Discussion

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    Love it! Looking forward to future episodes. I learned about a lot of things I had in the tool which I never even knew about. Smiley

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    Congrats! Can't wait to learn more!

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    Nice start . . . I look forward to more.

    I had always thought the Solution Nav was sort of a yawn, but I wasn't aware of all it does.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

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    This reeks of the old Object Browser which no one uses.

    Microsoft, stop trying to be clever and just do what you normally do. Copy features from existing real world useful productivity enhancement software (hint ReSharper).

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    Doesn't seem to do much with c++

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    I love the solution navigator and have been using it for a while, but I've learnt a lot from this video, thanks!

    ... now, how about using a demo solution that respects .net naming guidelines? Smiley

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    Nice video. Discovered more features of Solution Navigator thanks to this video.

    Looking forward for more videos.


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    I've been using Solution Navigator for a while now but still learned some new tricks! 

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    Have been using this awesome tool for a while now, and this video taught me more.

    If only there was a way to get rid of the standard Solution Explorer.

    Please cover the Source control featues in the Team Explorer plug-in if possible, especiallly why Get Latest does not get some files...and how to Force Get and use Shelving.

    Thanks for the nice show.


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    Thank's, absolutely usefull

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    Awesome tool ... been using it form months now!  I look forward to many more useful tips in this series!

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    @James: First, people do use the Object Browser. Second, it's obvious from this thread that people find this extension to be highly useful. So, maybe try trolling elsewhere?

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    Nolan Egly

    Great video, thanks! I've already got the Productivity Power Tools installed, but hadn't played with the Solution Navigator at all. My favorite feature is the full solution search results, it looks much better than the built in "Find All" window. My second favorite is being able to "root" a project; the codebase I'm working in now is large enough that navigating up and down in the Solution Explorer is painful.

    Looking forward to the next video!

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    Heitor Vital

    Great! Pity that it doesn't have much support for C++ code

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    Sweet new window with selection as its root!

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    Nice - I've been doing "show all references", or Object Explorer - this seems alot easier!

    BTW, is there a blog post / episode on Webmatrix <-> VS workflows? There are issues....i.e. something started in WM and then "handed off" to a VS developer....

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    Solution Navigator--Invaluable!! Really need this as code complexity goes up. Thanks.

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    It is an impressive tool. Will have to see how it fits me though.

    For me, the greatest thing in the pack is the feature to select next/prev tab in visual order. I remapped it to Ctrl+Tab, and it solves an annoyance that has irritated me every day since I started using Visual Studio, many years ago.

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    This is great! Waiting for more!

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    Where is the code downloads ? Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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    Bill Miller

    Great launch episode. Keep up the good work.

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    @Trillian: That is one of the many things that can happen when you inherit code written by someone else! Smiley


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    Interesting stuff, but in future it might be interesting to mention wether or not these tools are available for the Express editions of Visual Studio. I've been browsing the online gallery from Visual C# Express and the Productivity Power Tools do not seem to be available there.

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    This video (and others) will not play on iPad. This is using the downloaded MP4 labelled for the iPad. Seems to play OK with WMP however. What gives? Is this an MS vs. Apple thing; "we don't want our videos playing on no stinkin' iPad" Wink

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    Too much useless talk, not enough showing features.

    Next video, demo 'Productivity Power Tools' with c++ code instead !

    Btw that search thingy doesnt work in c++ projects at all.

    How come that most general feature is only for C# ? :(

    Giving C# special treatment yet again ? Stop it already ! Its disgusting!

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    Great tool. Please add another vote for C++ support as it's not very useful (but very desireable) to us C++ devs.

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    Regev Porat

    Super Cool !!

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    John Charles

    I push on the play button and it does not go. What gives?

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    Video doesn't play after I push the play button. Same is the case for a whole bunch of other videos I try on CH9. Somebody needs to look into this..

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    Matt Petry

    Pressed the Play button but the video does not play. Page reloads don't seem to fix it. Tried in Chrome & IE

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    @Matt Petry:I have reported this to the Channel 9 folks and we will get this fixed.

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    Awesome presentation; you do an excellent job of presenting. I too had thought of Sol. Nav. as just something new in the way, but now I've seen it in action, and I plan to start using it. Thanks for not leaving any stone unturned.

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    We fixed the issue where clicking the Play button doesn't play the video.

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    @burgosa:Can you elaborate on Quick Find not working in C++? I just used it in a C++ project. I had no issues with it. The Solution Navigator doesn't support C++, but things like Quick Find and Quick Access do. Those are covered in Part 2, which is going live as I type this.

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    Love it ! Thank you so much for this tool ♥

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    Great simple tool ....

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    Great video. I use Power Tools last few weeks all the time but still I learnt few things form here. Thanks and keep going on these great video series.

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