Visual Studio Toolbox: Productivity Power Tools Part 2

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    Another excellent video with lots of information.

    Continue with the good work!


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    More great stuff . . . thank you.

    So the Quick find ctl-3 . . . not working for me . . . probably lost when I recently uninstalled Resharper.

    How do I get it back?


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    Great toolbox Smiley



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    @fmerrow:Bummer, I even uninstalled and reinstalled productivity pack . . . still no ctl-3.  Perplexed

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    Lee Timmins

    Great video, so much there which will help.

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    Nice to have these short video's showing off the features.

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    Iivari Mokelainen

    Please change the host. It's tiring to watch this guy crawl through the features. He talks down to us, programmers. If we're using a tool as professional as Visual Studio, it's just enough to tell us "and that's changeable in the options". He doesn't have to actually show us that. The pace is horrible, and the host talks to use like little kids. I would love to see this show be good, "Visual Studio Toolbox" just sounds so awesome, and is very bad at the moment.

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    ^^ In that case you have 3 options:
    a) Edit the video and upload it to somewhere else for others like you not to be bored

    b) Watch the episodes at 1.5-2x speed, that way silly talk moves faster or use VLC CTRL+Right

    c) Read the article instead of watching. That would be even faster.
    BTW: Then you can summarize in bullet points and post a link to your blog here.

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    Very nice... I am eagerly awaiting further installments

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    Awesome. Greate show.


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    Good show, watching someone demo and explain how to use the tool is much better than spending time trawling through the documentation to figure out how some of the features are intended to work.

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    Superlike the work Wink

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    Wow - pretty helpful look at PPT! I've been "learning as I use", so without videos like this, someone like me would probably never even discover all the features of PPT.

    I'll probably check this out when I get to VS, so I hope its there (if not please consider this a "wish"):

    So you have multiple files from different projects in your solution. Their tabs are color coded. Would it be possible to group the tab display "per project"? All "blue tabs" (of project A) are grouped/sorted/or in it's own horizontal row (or vertical column, ugh, probably just grouped for vertical display), all "red tabs" of project B are same..and so on....

    Thanks for the great instructional video!

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    It should be noted that it is ctrl-shift 3 to bring up quick access

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    Still kissing * i see, you must really love that or do you get paid for favoring c# and vb over c++ ?

    Either way its wrong.

    Productivity Power Tools is somewhat useful but it do slow down visual studio which is already slow due to wpf :(
    Just use the quick find on a large file for example.
    It actually hangs visual studio for a few seconds and i have a core i7 cpu !!!

    Ever since they switched to wpf visual studio have become slow.
    I have both vs2010 and vs2008 installed and i notice a BIG difference in speed and performance.
    Stupid stubborn people, refuse to acknowledge that wpf is a crappy thing and should be deprecated at once.
    We users are the ones that have to pay for your incompetence and stubborn stupidity.
    Do the users a favor and remove wpf from visual studio, please!

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    Very informative, thanks!

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