Visual Studio Toolbox: Reporting Performance Issues with PerfWatson

Play Visual Studio Toolbox: Reporting Performance Issues with PerfWatson

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    It is similar to solution provided by Nathan Nesbit blogpost Detecting UI Thread Misuse

    And as VS2010 has problems so do our programs, and it would be really nice to have this tool to watch custom wpf applications too.

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    not related to >2s hangs, but wrt performance, can you guys take a look at the following debugger windows:
    • callstack
    • locals
    • watch
    having any one of these open when stopped at a breakpoint brings the IDE to a crawl (see the visible lag when resizing the IDE.)
    interestingly enough, the autos window doesn't exhibit this behavior.
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    vs2010 is slow due to WPF crap. It's one of the worst moves microsoft did so far.
    vs2008 is really fast in comparison.

    Please admit you screwed up already and revert the wpf crap.
    How stupidly stubborn can you get ?
    It doesn't work so kill it already !

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    Cameron McColl

    Sitsch: The PerfWatson data refutes your assertion. While there are WPF delays they are not even close to being in the top responsiveness issues we have identified so far.

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    You can't improve what you don't measure! Keep up the great work!

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    @Sitsch, WPF isn't the problem, except in making raster fonts no longer eligible which was a horrible move on MS's part. The problem is the new Intellisense. That's what slows everything to a crawl as you actually write code, whether it's C++, C# or XAML for WPF/Silverlight.

    The other problem is the new partially C++0x compliant compiler (RAM gobbler edition), which gobbles RAM like there's no tomorrow when templates are involved (e.g., boost variant anyone?). When you run multiple parallel compilers (say eight of them), which these days seems to be a good idea given the standard quad cpu (8 with hyperthreading) hosts people use for development and you better have lots of RAM (where lots >> {i.e., much greater} 4 GB). I am typing this on a host with 12 GB of RAM as we speak, which is about the bare minimum necessary for C++ software development these days.

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    you should contact the jetbrains. their Resharper causes a lot of Solution open hangs of VS2010

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