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In this episode, Erik Ejlskov Jensen joins us. Erik is a SQL Server Compact MVP and the author of the SQL Server Compact Toolbox add-in, which has been downloaded more than 100,000 times! If you are using SQL Server Compact in an application, you will find this add-in very helpful. You can connect to a database and explore the objects it contains, run queries, script both tables and the data they contain, import data, and migrate data between SQL Server Compact and SQL Server or SQL Azure.



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The Discussion

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    I've been using SQL Server Compact Toolbox and ErikEJ's ExportSQLCe commandline tools a lot recently. Ran into some problems converting my SQL 2008 R2 schema + data to Compact. I posted the issue just this week and within a day Erik had chatted with me and subsequently added a few new features that specifically addressed my needs. I do a lot of OCA/Sync applications and these tools have been an immense help in speeding up my process.

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    Rajeev Nair

    Thanks Erik, for coming to Channel9. You really helped me in solving an issue with SQL Server CE. Thank u so much.

    This is great stuff. It really helps in importing CSV files into tables. If you encounter an issue, just post in Stackoverflow where Erick always takes part.

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    The links are broken for all the downloads and neither the silverlight or the HTML5 will work. I'm using chrome.

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