Visual Studio Toolbox: Simplification of the Visual Studio 11 Development Environment


In this episode, Sam Zaiss and Dan Dole of the Visual Studio User Experience team join us to talk about simplification and reduction in the Visual Studio 11 development environment. They show how much easier it is to navigate both within code and within the IDE, and also that the complexity of the IDE has been reduced. Here's a quick episode guide:

  • Searching in the Solution Explorer [03:50]
  • Using the Preview Tab [05:00]
  • Viewing the classes contained in code files and the class members while in the Solution Explorer [12:00]
  • Viewing the relationships between classes while in the Solution Explorer [12:45]
  • Using multiple Solution Explorers at the same time [13:00]
  • Navigation history [15:30]
  • Viewing the relationships between methods while in the Solution Explorer [19:00]
  • Using Quick Launch to find and execute commands [22:30]




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