Visual Studio Toolbox: Telerik JustCode

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There are a number of third-party vendors providing tools you can use to enhance your productivity when developing with Visual Studio. Recently, Robert sat down with three of them: DevExpress (makers of CodeRush), JetBrains (makers of ReSharper), and Telerik (makers of JustCode). Each had 20 minutes to show how their product can help you write better code faster. In this final episode of the series, Deyan Varchev of Telerik shows us JustCode.



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The Discussion

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    Eric Games

    I could not understand this guy. His company needs to send someone who can speak better english. He may be a competent programmer (or maybe he is a marketing guy) but he can't communicate what his company's software is good at.

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    Neil McKenzie

    Really solid breakdown of what JustCode is all about. The video and presentation are clear and easy to follow.

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    Good demo and I thought he was easy to understand. Quite likely to buy this I reckon.

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