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Previously on Visual Studio Toolbox, Robert showed how to use LINQ to XML to query data from Web sites. In this episode, Robert shows how to use LINQ to XML to write XML. He starts with a simple example that stores personal settings in an XML file, and then retrieves wines from and writes them to an XML file. This provides offline storage of the wines data. (You can think of this as the second half of his review of LINQ to XML, but last week's episode was a robust 40 minutes long while this one is a crisp 15. So it's really more like the last quarter Smiley)

Check out Robert's blog for all the code he used in this episode.



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    Where's the C++ love ?

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    Please add a full screen option to the player!


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    Thanks! Great examples.

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    Amin Espinoza

    Is there a way I can "UPLOAD" an xml? I mean, in the first one, insert a new name without erasing the last one

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    Wrote the last post without signning in this way I can read the answer, thanks!!

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    @Indra: .. Its kinda pointless to argue about the superiority of manged versus native code .. the numbers speak for themselves .. but this time I can't resist ... Linq is a C# and VB thing .. its not native .. and as for C# vs C++ here's what the great Charles Petzold says ..   "I became a strong advocate of managed code, and I really haven't had any reason to return to the world of message loops and wayward memory pointers. I already paid my Windows API dues, and plenty of them."

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    Good stuff. I'm trying to convert a complex XSD schema to C# classes and vice versa. I've tried the XSD.exe, but get nesting errors ( most people seem to on the forums ). Is there a way to do this using what you demoed in this video or an updated XSD.exe tool ( free or commercial ) to do this?


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    I enjoyed this one.

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