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    The MSBuild Structured Log viewer is great. Will it be integrated into the Visual Studio IDE at some point, for instance via an extension?

    The <TargetFrameworks> is also great, we already do this via MSBuild hackery so it will simplify our stuff a lot. Will it work for C++/CLI projects as well? Also can I build for just a specific framework within the IDE? A drop down similar to Configuration and Platform would be nice.

    The Directory.Build.props stuff is useful although I don't see why the directory hierarchy was a problem before, we just use something like <Import Project="$(SolutionDir)\Directory.Build.props" />. Will be good though not to have to write an <Import> into every project file. Can I have a different file for C++ and C# projects in the same solution?

    Will any of the simplification and defaults in the project file apply to C++. and C++/CLI project files? For instance not having to specify all .cpp and .h files.

    A blog post about all this stuff would be great. In particular for us any "best pratice" for factoring out common build stuff in solutions with large, hundreds, numbers of project would be very useful.

    Anyway awesome to see MSBuild getting some TLC, thanks.

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