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In this episode, Robert is joined by Lucian Wischik and Anthony Green, who take us on a tour of the new features in Visual Basic 14. These new features are aimed at making your everyday code cleaner and clearer, at making common coding patterns simpler, and at removing boilerplate to let the intent of the code stand out. They also show several IDE enhancements as well as spend some time discussing Windows 10 development, the benefits of .NET Native and open source VB.



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The Discussion

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    Jim Wooley

    Want one of the shirts, head over to the .Net blog and vote on your choice: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2015/05/21/save-the-day-with-a-visual-basic-csharp-or-fsharp-t-shirt.aspx.

    I would recommend that the team stops over-architecting the process of selling these things by having an all encompassing store for swag stuff and move to a more agile shipping cycle leveraging existing online tools.

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    Great video highlighting the new features. I love the passion Lucian! Excited to start using the new language features in production. Thanks for all the hard work on VB.

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    ears twitch and I look around and announce, "Must go my people need me"

    queue Benny Hill theme.

    When the C# hits the fan, call the VB superhero coders.

    If you can bottle Lucian's excitement, you can just take my money.

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    Good Video, Lucian Wischik is the master. Where I can get one of those VB T-Shirt 

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    Will shared projects work with MVC? I have like 8 MVC websites using the same "base" (css, layout etc) and it's a pain in the butt to remember to update all projects - would be nice with a shared ASPNET (MVC) project.

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    Great features. So in VB.Net is posible to program  a Universal Windows App that is good news. Is there any resouce where I can learn how to make a UWA in VB 2015 right now?

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    Great features, Thanks for putting up this video.

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    @Jim Wooley:I wish I could just go to the Microsoft Company store to buy these. Sounds more centrally located to me.

    But there must be some crazy approval process to get it in there.

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    Good work here ! Thanks for this good memo

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    Love VB forever.

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