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In this episode, Pete Brown (Windows Developer Evangelist and XAML and Gadget Guy) shows us how to write Windows Store apps that use the .NET Micro Framework and advanced socket networking to talk to devices like robots.



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    The Discussion

    • Kerrash

      Don't panic!

    • Jay2010

      Great Job Pete

    • rajeshkc

      5 stars !

    • Stefan_​Thoolen

      Hey Pete!

      Nice video! You even got my name correct Cool

    • cwalker_sec​retlabs

      Thanks for sharing your NETMF projects with us, Pete!

      Also, awesome laptop stickers. Smiley


    • Vaso

      Is your source code for this robot available for download? Smiley

      Well done by the way!

      Updated: Actually, wouldn't you mind also providing links or reference to the wife modul (rather wifi ha ha) you use and the drivers from Stefan?

      Thank you Smiley

    • Psychlist19​72

      I'll put together a blog post on this robot, and make the source code and full links available then.

      The WiFi module is available from sparkfun as is the robot chassis (with wheels and motors). The main board is the Cerbuino Bee from ghi electronics. The motor driver is their Gadgeteer motor driver module.

    • Psychlist19​72

      Thanks Everyone!

    • Psychlist19​72

      Actually, Gus from GHI put together a quick post with the links to all the parts. Here you go:

    • Steve French

      How about a parts list? That was really cool.

    • Milo skov

      Pete, It would be possible for you to post the code for the WinRT and .Net micro framework over a github repository or something similar just to get started quick?.

      This stuff and how you put it is very exciting and I would like to get started on this please.

    • Psychlist19​72

      I'm about to board a plane home, but pop me an email pete dot brown at Microsoft and I'll send you the bits when I get home (fastest way for me to get you a copy).


    • Vaso

      @Psychlist1972: What a coordination Smiley ha ha Thank you Smiley

    • jamesjl

      Really enjoyed the post Pete. Thanks again. Can't wait for my new H/W to arrive to give it a go myself. Oh, and for any more vids/blogs on the subject. Seems like Gadgeteer have made NETMF a lot more straightforward to get started in.

    • Psychlist19​72

      Thanks everyone Smiley

      Here's the blog post with all the parts and the source code for both sides of the project:


    • DavidDe​Sloovere

      Thanks for the blog post!

    • sarabjeet

      Thanks for all the information,it was very helpful and i really like that you are providing information on .net training ,being enrolled in .net freshers training with projects live training i was looking for such .net fresher training to assist me and your information helped me a lot.Really like that you are providing such information . Thanks.

    • Alex

      Hello Pete! Thank you very much for your code sharings and detailed explanations. I am going to start play with robotics and use your project as a base. But for some reason i cannot buy a Cerbuino bee cuz i live in Russian Federation and it sems like guys from GHI Electronics doesn't ship the item to my region. Can i use any of another board instead? Is it possible to use your code samples with arduino, netduino, or can you advice any other mainboard to buy on Thanks ..

    • Psychlist19​72

      @Alex it should be possible to adapt this to Netduino Go, but you'll have to find some other WiFi solutions.

      I suggest posting to forums and asking for advice there. Just tell them you want to do this project, but using the Netduino Go, and you can't use stuff that can't be shipped to the Russian Federation. Ask for advice on what to substitute and where to get it from.

      Also check and see if they'll ship to you. They carry the GHI modules (but not the mainboards, for some reason) there as well. Using that, you could use an Xbee module and a motor control module with the Netduino Go and the Gadgeteer adapter for Netduino Go. The code may differ a little, but most of it will be the same.


    • Alex

      Thank you very much for your comments.. it's really helpfull. I have already wrote to guys from GHI Electronics and they ship all stuff to Russian Federation without problem. Now i am waiting all parts to start the project..

    • friederblue​mle

      Great video, thanks for sharing!

      Nice port you chose there.. Van Halen rocks! Smiley


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