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Windows IoT #6 – Taking your Windows IoT Core Smart Device Further

Play Windows IoT #6 – Taking your Windows IoT Core Smart Device Further

The Discussion

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    Heinrich Braasch

    This is a very nice series. Thanks.
    I have auggestion for another topic in this series.
    All the devices running Windows IOT Core are a bit power hungry. That unfortunately limits them mostly to applications where mains power is available.
    Would you be so kind to demonstrate the following basic functionalities [(1) device sending events, (2) device receiving commands and (3) device receiving direct methods] working with IOT HUB, for smaller devices.
    You can demonstrate features 1 and 2 using the Azure IOT SDK for NetMF as API, but I think it does not support direct methods (feature 3). If I'm wrong, can you also please demonstrate feature 3.
    If I'm correct, I suggest using AMQP Lite as API for the demonstration.
    I therefore recommend a single session where you take e.g. a NetDuino Wifi 3 as device. They are low on power and very easy to setup and use. They works very well with Visual Studio and C#.

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