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    So WPF is not died?
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    @ciupaz, no, not now they've put it on life support

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    What I don't understand is why you didn't just fix UWP platform (better fee structure + better distribution options + modding contract) and implement Win32/.NetFramework Islands inside UWP. You did it completely opposite to the way it should have been done IMO. Classic desktop apps should be gone by now, and all Windows development should be UWP. Maybe this is the right path, because classic desktop devs are so stubborn and plastic, and because you just haven't finished UWP yet and you don't have a choice. I still see young people choosing WinForms for their greenfield applications, why you're even allowing old tech for greenfield is beyond me? Why not restrict it's usage to supporting existing WinForms apps?
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    UWP is a lot to learn for Windows-only development. It's hard to sell in a world where .NET Core is taking over and Xamarin and Avalonia run desktop UI cross-platform.

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