Visual Studio Toolbox

With its focus on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio, this show will help you become a more productive developer. Join your host Robert Green and see what tools you can put in your Visual Studio Toolbox.

  • Extending the Microsoft Build Engine
    46 minutes, 37 seconds
  • OData Support and HTML Clients in LightSwitch
    32 minutes, 40 seconds
  • DevExpress Controls for Web and Windows Store Developers
    29 minutes, 12 seconds
    58 minutes, 27 seconds
  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Simplification of the Visual Studio 11 Development Environment
    27 minutes, 37 seconds
  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Dependency Graphs
    30 minutes, 4 seconds
  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Using LINQ to XML to Write XML
    15 minutes, 53 seconds
  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Interviews with Jay Schmelzer and John Papa
    33 minutes, 55 seconds
  • Telerik Controls for XAML Developers
    22 minutes, 18 seconds
  • New Azure Tools in Visual Studio 2013
    34 minutes, 58 seconds