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Play CSP - How to buy Visual Studio Subscriptions


We're going to take a look at how Cloud Solution Providers purchase Visual Studio cloud subscriptions from the Visual Studio Marketplace, but first, let's look at the differences between the Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Studio, and the features of cloud subscriptions.

Both the Professional and Enterprise versions provide an integrated development environment to install on as many machines as you'd like so you can write, build, and debug your code, and both offer DevOps capabilities with Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server 2017. Visual Studio Professional is great for building apps for Windows, Windows Server, Android, iOS, and Linux. Visual Studio Enterprise goes further and provides complex, enterprise grade applications; test and package management; load testing; and advanced debugging tools.

With cloud subscriptions, the license is non-perpetual, and there's no commitment term. Choose between monthly or annual options. If you choose an annual subscription, you also get subscriber benefits, like Microsoft software to install in your development and test environments, a monthly Azure credit, training, support, and more. These subscriber benefits match what we provide for standard subscriptions. Visit visualstudio.com/vs/pricing for a full breakdown of the benefits of each subscription type.

First, log into the Microsoft Partner Center, go to Customers, and select a customer. Select Service Management, and then make your way over to the Visual Studio Marketplace.

When you land in the Visual Studio Marketplace, verify the name in the top right corner is the name of the customer for which you'd like to purchase Visual Studio. When you're ready, select Subscriptions. Then, select whether you want an Enterprise or Professional monthly or annual subscription to Visual Studio. Click Buy. Select the Azure subscription you want to bill for the purchase. Select the number of individuals that need subscriptions, and Confirm your purchase. Once you confirm your purchase, click Manage and you can assign subscriptions to your end users. You can also access the Subscription Administration portal from the Partner Center. Select a customer, select Service management, and then select Manage Visual Studio Subscriptions to assign Visual Studio cloud subscriptions to that customer's employees.



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