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Let's take a look at how a partner is the Cloud Solution Provider program manages the Visual Studio cloud subscriptions they've already purchased on behalf of a customer. Begin in the Microsoft Partner Center. Go to Customers, select a customer, and select Service Management, and then select Manage Visual Studio Subscriptions.

If you have more than 1 Azure subscription for this customer, use the dropdown menu to select the Azure subscription where the purchases were made. The License Summary shows you the number of subscriptions that have been assigned and that are available for each Visual Studio cloud subscription. It also provides the opportunity to purchase additional subscriptions or reduce the number of subscriptions which will automatically renew. Click add to assign a subscription to a new user. The count on the side changes, and the user receives an email notification and can log in using the email address you provided.

To reassign a license, either delete the subscriber being replaced and add a new subscriber in their place, or open edit a subscriber and change the user to which the subscription was assigned.

If a subscriber hasn't activated their subscription, it may be that they missed the invitation we sent via email. In this case, resend the activation invitation to the email address you provided.



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    Abdelhafid Bouyajrhal

    So only the CSP provider is able to assign those subscriptions on behalf of the customer, is there no way the customer can do this himself?

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