Dynamic Developer Duo: Sarah Parra and Kati Iceva from the Data Programmability Team

Play Dynamic Developer Duo: Sarah Parra and Kati Iceva from the Data Programmability Team
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Do all roads to coding start with math? Smiley Find out how Kati and Sarah got into the business of software development and find out more about being successful women on the ADO.NET team.



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The Discussion

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    Who was the woman in the far left of the frame that opens a can of soda early in the video (about 1:26- 1:40) ?

    Is that your Marketing Department babysitter/commissar? Wink



    What percentage of Microsoft developers are woman?

    My guess less than 4%?


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    Raising the question about the percentage of females at Microsoft is interesting. Of course one would need to look at Microsoft teams worldwide, as many countries are still not open to women in these sort of work places, sadly.
    While I was a technical leader at Ford Motor Company during the 80's we had to increase our percentage to a minimum of 33%. Cool
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    Is this the first interview, with programmers, that does not cover either programming or some concept that requires a whiteboard to explain?

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