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Elissa Murphy, Principal PM on the Windows Live team, talks about her non-linear path into Microsoft.  From music production to program management . . . it’s been an interesting ride.  Join us for another edition of WM_IN on Channel 9



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The Discussion

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    I think in the area of anti-virus and these things , Live products sucks compared to products from Kaspersky and Agnitum.

    for some people its better than not having any protection. But if you can get the best why not go for the best in security and antivirus areas.

    MS would do better if they buy companies like Kaspersky and Agnitum. This is because these companies have been there in the area of security and antivirus for years and have more experience. I would never exchange My Kaspersky Antivirus, antispam , anti malicious software for any thing else. And I am talking from experience here.

    And because of this Alot of the live products except for hotmail and Windows live messenger, have been uninteresting to me to say the least.

    The Heuristics algorithms study code sections, and its an intelligence level above just using signatures for viruses. Viruses mutate and new kinds emerge and Heuristics detects behaviors that the code will do if its executed, and if its doing things in the core of the OS that it should not, then this is to be stopped. Also programs that wants to add themselves to the windows startup part of the registry is flagged by heuristics analysis. Kaspersky Is a pro at this. And their detection rates are better than Windows Live Defender products.

    So MS has to do alot to make it more attractive based on detection rates. Not just a solution that gives people a false sense of security online.

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    But as soon as Microsoft would buy the best everyone would scream monoploy and MS would then be right back in the same area. People want Microsoft to purchase and use the best products but as soon as they do everyone criticizes them. Funny ain't it ?????
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    Elissa, you being a Principal PM at Microsoft, I expected some great (something unique) answers from you;, but after listening to this video I saw nothing different in your answer as compared to other PMs or Sr. PMs.

    I believe interviews like these (interviewing standards questions)should be stopped, so that you speak more about what is the achievements or accomplishments you made in last 9 years, that made a difference in MS. You did mention that you chose this industry as you got a chance to maske/bring a difference, but how do we know what difference you brought to us. You answers to me sounded more fluff-talk.

    I personally think its waste of your time in this interview, and waste our time too.  Wish you could add more examples to your talk




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