Emma Williams: Building Visual Studio with Intentional Engineering

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Emma Williams is very passionate about building innovative software in a highly reliable, scalable way. Her's is the art of engineering engineering. What?

As General Manager of Visual Studio core engineering, Emma's main objectives are to build both a superior development suite of tools and to design and deliver on engineering processes that result in fewer bugs and faster release cycles for Visual Studio. How do you make great products without great engineering practices? It's been done, but the journey is longer than customers care for. How do you innovate development processes? Tune in and meet one of the pioneers of "Intentional Engineering" to learn about the future of engineering process at Microsoft, beginning with Visual Studio.



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The Discussion

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    Interesting video. Smiley

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    Very nice video! Seems like each Microsoft employee has some hidden "feature" Cool
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    I wish a little more time could have been spent on getting to know her as a human being like what are her hobbies, what kind of art/ music she likes, what kinds of books she reads, who have influenced her most in  life, what's her philosophy of life, etc., etc.

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    Most of the channel 9 speakers aren't as interesting or candid speakers as Emma is.  One of my favorite shows.
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    A really nice video!

    Good to see how Microsoft evaluates their development process and keeps improving it. 

    Looking forward to the final version of Orcas!

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    I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist but did anyone else notice the edit at 26:37, between "Silverlight, and ..." "some other things"?

    And, what MS?
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    I made an edit to remove a reference to a product you don't know about yet (and you shouldn't...).

    No conspiracies here....


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    Very interesting - I'm not sure if it was in the video, if it was I missed it, but what does MQ actuallystand for?
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    martin_hughes wrote:
    Very interesting - I'm not sure if it was in the video, if it was I missed it, but what does MQ actuallystand for?

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    She has a really interesting accent... It sounds like a mix of Australian, English and American.
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    Ah, she's Irish; no wonder.
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    Speaking as a proper engineer, it's great to hear that software development is being approached in a more organised and structured way.  Seems like MQ delivered good things, lets hope it goes on to do so for more product teams.  I never bought the whole idea that software can't be engineered anyway.  It just can't be engineered by disorganised hermits who wash once a month and have forgotten how to speak.

    It's refreshing to hear anyone speak who is obviously intelligent and insightful and able to put ideas over in such a clear, precise and well considered way.  It's even nicer that all those inspirational qualities are in the form of a lovely Irish lady! Clearly not a disorganised unwashed hairy hermit, and good for her.

    Cheers for the vid.

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