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Meet Jasmine Park, program manager in Windows Live, who works on SkyDrive and FolderShare.  Want 5 gigs of free password-protected online file storage?  Sign up for SkyDrive.  Need to keep your latest files with you, no matter which computer you're using?  Install FolderShare for free and you can keep files in sync across your computers, share folders with friends, and access your files from any computer.  When Jasmine joined Microsoft a little over 4 years ago she stepped right into the middle of a re-org, not an uncommon experience around here, but it all worked out and she’s been contentedly endeavoring in the online space since day one.  Although not a techie, Jasmine shares her story of diversity and how there’s a happy home here at the Mother Ship for all types. 



The Discussion

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    They REALLY REALLY REALLY should implement Foldershare AND Skydrive into Live Mesh !

    Any word on that ?

    PS: you should interview the Branding team charles !
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    Can you send someone from UX to the Channel 9 dev team? I think your expertise is sorely need there!

    Haha, Charles. "Knuckle Draggers". Agreed 100%
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    A very interesting interview.   Great discussion.  Just one thing, where did Jasmine get the flapping plant?  That is so cool.
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    you beat me to the punch Smiley
    that would be really great if they could be in the mesh..
    so, is there any word? Smiley
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    i really dont get why microsoft still promotes skydrive and foldershare when there is now mesh Smiley
    i mean, really.. doesnt really mesh eclipse both folder share and sky drive?
    sure nameing is an issue with microsoft products, but even more an issue is when there are a bunch of products that does the same things Smiley

    btw, apple may have better names and better marketing, but the actual products is NOT all that.. iphone? yes please let me gicke you like 2000 bucks(including forced service plan) for a phone with no flash, no video features, no MMS (ffs) and a horrebly broken online service that also costs another $99 per year.. (mobileme barley works for windows and even for macs its hardly worth 99 bucks)


    why isnt it a mens conference any way? the arguemtn that there is one everyday is not valid at all in my opption.. questions about family and stuff are just as valid for men as they are for women imo..


    just trying to find women to add to the kernel team (or any other team) just to even the statistics is really silly imo.. what you should to is try anf find the most skilled and passionete people and in that process make sure to consider everyone, regardless of age, ethnic background and gender..


    i dont think its fair or correct at all to say that "knuckle draggers" only develop for them selfs.. (ifact thats pretty sexists imo, atleast if its also impled that non knuckle draggers are less likely to do this) to think that women would be better at developing for other women is to fool oneself anyway, because every developer must go out to the userbase and find out the requrements of that base. you should never ever ever use yourself as a reference, not for development, not for science, never.. (and charles rightly does touch upon this but its a really really important point imo)

    i genereally think its silly (and arbitrary) to select gender as something to differenceiate people by. why not asians in technology or redheads or lefties or old people or whatever..

    i might be a diffrent generation and it may be diffrent in sweden (althogh i dont think so) but for me, i only value competence.. i dont care if the people i work with are women, men, asians, africans, swedes, old or young. competence and passion are king for me..

    i think that by treating a group diffrently you add to the segregation of that group.. if women are treated diffrently with their own events and conferences and stuff (even if they are treated better) that works against a truly equal society. its only a minority if you treat it like a minorty..

    anway, this is just a general rant on equal treatment in general (and how its not always that equal even if the intentions are good) Tongue Out i usualy dont watch the women in tech shows because they rarly discuss any technology. and this show is no diffrent, there is only a basic mention that jasmine works with foldershare and skydrive, not what exactly she does and what coming for those technologies. to tag this interview as one containign info on skydrive and folder share is a bit of a stretch Smiley it should be tagged with WM_IN and ms personalities, that would be more correct imo..

    i just dont get it, i dont need to see people from sweden who are adoped from srilanka (like me) to talk about stuff to motivate me, and if i did, its be more interested in what they actually do and the cool stuff they are working on now, rather than that the are just working with IT in general..

    i know that the intentions of the show are good but i just feel like they add to the notion that women and men can be generalized and that they are fundamentally (mentally) diffrent, and i just dont agree with that Smiley imo every person is unique and certinly no conclusions on thier abilities can be drawn from their gender alone. but if it helps motivate some people, great Smiley

    but hey i guess im just a stupid knuckle dragger so what do i know Smiley
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    I created a Thread on Live Mesh forum, maybe you could give your opinion about my view :

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    done Smiley

    looks awsome Smiley not if it would only become real.. Smiley
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    Very thoughtful, aL_. We of course agree that there is no gender-based issue in terms of capability. We are addressing the gender gap in the computing industry, focusing on Microsoft. WM_IN aims to highlight women working at Microsoft, getting their stories, putting them fron and center on C9. There is a gender imbalance and one of our core goals is to figure out why. In most of our WM_IN interviews we ask the question: Why do you think there are so few women in this industry, especially in the engineering-specific domains (it's certainly not the case in other domains like HR and Marketing/PR).

    WM_IN interviews are not exactly like other C9 interviews by design. Again, our main goal is to meet and highlight the women who make up Microsoft. Sometimes, thses interviews get into technical details, other times they don;t. But they always involve questions about the giant elephant in the room...

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. You make many very good points.

    Keep on posting,
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    hey thanks, you too man Smiley

    the question why there are more men in engineering and more women in other professions is not easy.. personally i think it has alot to do with history and what your peers choose to do.. but heck i dont know Smiley there might be a thousand reasons..

    i do wonder though exactly how important it is that its 50-50 gender wise, as i said before, there are so many other ways to diffrerentiate people. perhaps the show could talk to other minorities at microsoft as well? Smiley

    but i also think that shows like wm_in (and the other less technical show like ms personalities) help make technology in general more approachable and less scary for people that are not really into technology or just has a budding interest Smiley and thats a good thing even though it perhaps does not apply to the typical niner Smiley (not that i really know what the typical niner is like but i think most niners are devs)

    is wm_in broadcast somewhere else as well btw? it feels like it would go pretty well on channel 8 too Smiley ive got the impression that c8 is a little more geared towards students and less hardcore techies (but i may be off on that)

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