Lauren Antonoff

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Meet Lauren Antonoff, Group Program Manager in Office, specializing in enterprise content management.


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    Charles.....I almost rolled over laughing when I started watching this video. I heard one of the best lines ever.

    "So we're here again with Women.....and ....................long awkard pause.......(sheepish look on your face like you just realized your on camera)......uh"

    You recovered and the interview went on smoothly but that first 12 seconds made me laugh....

    Lauren has a cool job, Office is designed and built for the enterprise.

    This conversation always had one of the best qustions ever: Why do you love Microsoft?

    Atleast you guys don't take yourselves or these interviews/conversations too seriously....that's a good honest question for anyone who works at Microsoft.  Lauren gave a really nice comprehensive answer.

    I like the follow up question too. What don't you like? She again gave an honest real answer.

    I loved her answer to "Do you think women approach problems different then men"? Her answer was an honest answer and an answer that I tend to agree with. I rarely hear her view coming out of Microsoft so its refreshing!

    It's not inherent to women its inherent to each person.

    I liked the conversation about gave me more insight into manager's minds...whereas I focus on deep technical issues.

    Great conversation!

    I have to wonder what complex problems she has solved while sitting in that sure looks comfy.

    She had a Mac!!! She used good ole hypercard--(I loved that program)... and she was invovled in supporting a usergroup!!!! Very cool.

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    I work in the IT Dept. of my University. My direct supervisor and her direct supervisor are both women. There are many other women in leadership positions in our IT Dept. as well. The President of the University that was recently selected is also a woman. I really think we are beginning to get over that hurdle in society that is keeping less women in positions of science, technology and executive power. Moreover, the impact that their leadership has had in terms of both technology and academic direction, has been broad (NPI) and positive (for the most part). My generation was raised in the "Women as equals" mentality and I'm glad to actually see change and growth in these areas.

    I hope the videos are helping with that as well.
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    Lauren Antonoff is one the best Microsoft personalities ever presented on Channel9. She is right up there with the mighty Don Box. Her greatest strength seen by me is her confident lack of concern for "technical skills" and her authentic sense of superiority when viewing computers in a problem-solving context instead of worshipping them in a Platonic cave.

    All of the gender-specific questions were as lame and impotent as so-called "multi-cultural" questions. I do not wish them away any more than I wish Laurence Welk can pop lock.Wink

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