Lili Cheng: Designing Experiences for Social Computing

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March is Women in Technology Month. We kick off the festivities on Channel 9 with a great conversation with an industry thought leader in interactive user experience design and architecture. 
Meet Lili Cheng, general manager of Microsoft’s Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs, which focuses on software and services that are centered on social connectivity, real-time experiences, and rich media. Lili's a big fan of and active participant in social communication and the interactive design of social computing on the web.

Lili talks to @ritzy and @Carmine007 about her tenure at Microsoft which started in 1995.  Lili is another shining example of a successful woman in technology, but more importantly her full time job consists of both pushing the envelope of social interaction and the inventing new experiences for social computing.  Push on, Lili and team!



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The Discussion

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    Lili's a great interview!I thought her comparisons of architecting buildings and operating systems were interesting.

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    Indeed. In some sense, they are different manifestations of the same basic thing (conceptually, from a complexity perspective; each with a large number of interacting pieces that together express the design in the concrete (literally, in the building case)).



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    I agree that her being a woman in tech is irrelevant, she's a really awesome "Social Architect" that conveys herself as a really cool person and Microsoft employee.

    Charles, too bad you can't get interviews with gals without your flame-haired friend Wink

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    Jennifer does a great job and adds the right perspective to this series and the conversations therein (not to mention being a co-creator of  WM_IN).


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