Linda Apsley: Protocol Specifications, Compliance and Leadership

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The Discussion

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    Somebody didn't install her soundcard driver at 0:39. Tongue Out

    Six children! I have enough trouble taking care of myself. Amazing how she managed to juggle all that. Inspiring stuff.

    Shame about the Google son, though. Tongue Out
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    cool Smiley not much talk about windows server tho.. maybe the tag should be changed to women in technology Smiley

    i dont agree with chales that guys are more competitive Smiley if there are any gruop of people that are mean to girls, its other girls Smiley

    infact i belive its because of other women that we dont see many women in technology, not because guys shut women out (although i cant deny that it happens) because i think its more important to young women to belong and be "normal" than it is for guys.
    perhaps thats why there are more guys with odd intrests.

    computing was an odd intrest not to long ago and perhaps it caought on among the guys because they where less afraid of beeing "weird"

    now in 2008 computers are not at all as odd anymore.  its "normal" to know a little about them (but we still have a long way to go Smiley )
    i think as more women dare to stand out (from other women) the more the thing thats "normal" accordning to young women will shift

    im not to fond of the satement that "women bring this and that to IT" because i think its an overgeneraization (its not because they are women, if that was the case, you could just take any women and get the same result, and you cant).

    i do however belive that there are alot of people that have great ideas and really can push it and computing forwars that happen to be women, there is a suble difference Wink

    anyways.. i dont know where im going with this Tongue Out cool interview as usual Smiley
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    anyone but me getting tired of smileys or am I just getting too old?

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