Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec: From the Peace Corps to IIS 7

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Meet group program manager, Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec, who has been at Microsoft for nine years (Talk about a blast from the past . . . remember Microsoft Transaction Server? Mai-lan was on that team back in the day.). Mai-lan is currently on the Internet Information Services (IIS) team where she manages PMs working on IIS and the Windows Server Hosting System. What does that mean? Well, for starters, she and her team define the features of the core web server, as well as the management tools and administration interfaces plus they work on media server and providing the right tools for the web hosters of the world (like GoDaddy, for example). Phew! That’s a lot. From the Peace Corps to working at a couple of start-ups during the Internet boom when she left Microsoft for a bit, Mai-lan really has a worldwide global perspective. Watch this episode of WM_IN and hear about the mud mosques of West Africa!

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