Maria Klawe: Scholar, Scientist and Microsoft Board Member

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    This is a wonderful video.  Thank you for sharing your insights with us, and best of luck with your bright future on the board of directors!

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    1) She is indeed one of the most awesome women in technology I've seen, unlike most other women in almost being scripted in what they say to an audience without background content and personal knowledge of their own.  Its reassuring that gals like her are playing a major role.

    2) I'll be looking forward to seeing the effectiveness of Windows Mobile 7, possibly a true remote cloud OS to challenge a ChromeOS using native binary execution remotely.

    3) I only wish there was some major gas to fuel my sparks in many aspects of today like re-invention of Electricity generation, successful cancer research, parallel execution in a perpendicular fashion compared with OpenMP( I hereby coin perpendicular computation Tongue Out ), and a few ways on how to understand the physics of Gamma-ray Bursts and limits of frequencies beyond just the speed of photons as light.  If my spark needs to become so big it completely combusts and consumes the modern world we have today with the changes I want to make like a Phoenix from the ashes of its demise to help everyone on the planet and any future generations long after me then so be it, but I swear I'll aim for the best outcome for all the world Smiley 

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