Molly Breysse Cox: Women in IT, Management, Mentoring and Organizational Psychology

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Meet Molly Breysse Cox who has been honored by Women in IT International for her long history of mentoring young women at the start of their technology careers. For the past two years, Molly Breysse Cox worked on her master’s degree in organizational psychology and spent a lot of time focused on one question: How do you build a foundation of trust in a competitive technology business?  In many ways, it’s a question she’s been exploring over the course of her 20-year career in IT, a career that was honored with the Women in IT International’s (WITI) Leadership Award. Molly was celebrated by WITI for her long history of being a mentor to young women and helping enable them in science, math, engineering, and technology careers. Through her involvement with groups such as IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution), and Women in IT, she has helped women succeed and continue to achieve success. In her words, she’s been “handing the ladder down.”



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    Interesting video.


    The Answer--Gold Bars! Currency and stock options do not cut it.

    Jim Rogers agrees and tells it like it is:

    Learn Chinese and farming!

    Farmers, Farmers, Farmers

    Trust me--there is a snitch running to the boss where you work to tell him/her what you said--I guarantee it.


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    Great job explaining what you do and how you got to this point, Molly!

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