Monica Ene-Pietrosanu: Ground Breaker. Code Breaker.

Play Monica Ene-Pietrosanu: Ground Breaker. Code Breaker.

The Discussion

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    Cool interview, I don't know whether it was me but I thought it was funny how Monica's english appeared to be more fluent when she got away from the "standard" topics of conversation (who she is, and what she does) and onto the more difficult things to talk about. I guess you learn the easy things when you're not that good, and that knowledge stays.

    I remember learning a bit about public key encryption from a friend at Uni (I did Physics, not CS) and thinking how cool it all was, and how alarmingly simple too.

    Interesting stuff, sounds like she'll be doing less analytical type work for the near future - I wonder if she'll start to miss the hard maths after a while.
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    Very interesting interview. Thank you Charles Smiley
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    Great interview... way to go Monica, great to see you on our side:D

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