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Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.


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Let us introduce you to Eileen Brown, manager of the Microsoft IT Professional evangelism team in the UK. How is the merchant navy and high-tech industry different? Well, one way they are the same is that both could use more women! Listen to Eileen and her sublime accent as she talks about WM_IN in technology and her time spent in the merchant marines.

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  • Gary RussoBigDataDev More Cowbell
    Eileen, Congrats on the exciting background!

    I too am a former Merchant Mariner turned software professional. I was a snipe (engine room officer). I still have my U.S. Coast Guard 3rd Assistant Engineer's License for Steam and Diesel, Unlimited Horsepower.

    Anyway, as Charles said, it's great to see the diverse backgrounds within Microsoft.
  • I loved sailing with the Brits.  I was a squid and not a costie.  Not that it matters really.

    Nice video.
  • Eileen has a great blog on enterprise server products at http://blogs.technet.com/eileen_brown/default.aspx

  • David OliverSabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect

    Eileen is totally cool !

    I've met Eileen on more than one occasion as she is a great supporter of London Geek Dinners and Girl Geek Dinners here in the UK. She is funny, knowledgeable, lively, entertaining and very very technical.

    Am I a fan? Very much so.

  • An_AngelAn_Angel Waterbaby
    I have to say I admire Eileen!  She is one of the strongest and most passionate women I know.  She is so passionate about her technology areas and supports women in technology 110%!

    I have to say a very BIG thank you to Eileen and the Microsoft Teams for their support for the London Girl Geek Dinners.  I would love for Charles and the team to come down to one of our events in the future.  (You are more than welcome to join us!) 

    Our next girly geek dinner is this monday 24th April 2006 and we have loads of people attending... Women in Technology are our sponsors and all the details are on the website.  You need to sign up to attend, and unfortunately it is in London so anyone outside of London will either have to start their own sister girly geek dinner or come to London Big Smile

    And yes, An_Angel is Sarah Blow. And no punns on my surname coz I've heard them all before!

    Keep up the good work


  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Sarah, I think Jennifer and I have to come to London at some point to film at a Girly Geek Dinner for the WM_IN series.

    Jennifer, what do you think?


  • You know it!  Charles and I will be in Europe for TechEd.  Let's do a stop in London!!
  • An_AngelAn_Angel Waterbaby
    Get in touch with me offline... and we can sort out the details Smiley
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    We certainly will, Sarah!
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    I'll be at TechED Europe too (the rumor is I'm interviewing Bill Gates on stage)! Oh, the trouble we could get into!
  • An_AngelAn_Angel Waterbaby
    Oh we should start to come up with some difficult probing questions now for you then Wink  Maybe we should put this to the coffeehouse crew Wink  see what they can come up with.

    Imagine the fun you could have with that!  With any luck I will be at TechEd too.  I look forward to catching up with you (and Maryam) again soon. Smiley
  • eileenbeileenb Where I really want to be - scuba diving...
    Pocket XP:  I treasure my UK Department of Trade Class II (Deck) ticket.  A long Apprentiship and loads of hard work went into gaining that Smiley.  I'm married to a Grease Monkey (Engineer) - although there'll be hell on if he knew I'd called him that!  This place is full of amazing people.  Just across from me in the hot desk area sits an ex Captain (now a Platform Strategy Advisor).  Diverse indeed...

    Out180:  thanks for watching the video.  What the heck is a squid - or a costie?  I'm sure I didn't sail with either of those?  or did I?

    Sabot:  I owe you wine.  Much wine... Thanks for the kind words, you made my day

    Kintan:  Thanks for letting me know about my 26 minutes of fame and Kudos to you for yours too Big Smile
    An_Angel:  A star as usual.  But you know that as I spent 10 minutes of my video talking about your girly geek dinners.   Thank you for your kind words... 
  • An_AngelAn_Angel Waterbaby

    I was both shocked and happily surprised that you spent so long talking about the girly geek dinners.  It was great to have you back at the last one.  I am sure I will see you at many more girly geek dinners!

    We will have to catch up in a non tech location for coffee and a catchup some time.  Let me know when you are next in London at a weekend or in Reading and we can catch up over a coffee or bottle of wine.  Maybe even invite your husband and his younger twin Wink (you know who I mean!)  How odd would it be having those two in the same room!

    Anyway, thank you and have a great long weekend!

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