Sara Ford - "Katrina Survivor: This box is all that is left of this person’s or her families be

Play Sara Ford - "Katrina Survivor: This box is all that is left of this person’s or her families be
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Sara Ford is a Visual Studio program manager in the Developer Division’s Customer Product Lifecycle group and her job is fascinating which she describes in the first part of this interview, but you must listen to her incredible story about Hurricane Katrina and her little hometown of Waveland, Mississippi. Katrina deeply impacted Sara’s family, friends and interestingly enough . . . her blog. How does technology factor into a natural disaster and how can it be used to help after a community is entirely wiped out? Sara has lots of idea. Watch and learn.

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The Discussion

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    Wow Sarah has cut her hair off!  Looks good though, another great video - I love your testing/bug logging clips. Smiley
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    A real interesting show. It's obvious that we put more & more important stuff on the web these days, but what's with ISPs issues & the ephemeral web, all that stuff can *poof* away one day.

    I remember seeing MyLifeBits on C9 awhile back. Whatever happen to that effort? And can we somehow automatically backup our blog posts to it?
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    Jenny dressed up in past interviews. What's happened to her? I prefer her dressing sharp and spiffy, she's that much more beautiful and professional looking. Good interview of Sara Ford. I'm able to get a sense of her as a flesh and blood human being.

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    I've seen the video about four times now, is Jenny expecting?  She looks like she might be.

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