Shawn Richardson: A winding road to Software Security

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From being an economics major and MBA to working with a veterinary ophthalmologist in Florida, Shawn Richardson tell us about her non-linear path into the world of technology. As a security program manager, Shawn is on the Windows Security Assurance team where they make sure the OS, when it goes out the door, is as secure as possible. (Plus, Shawn gets to personally sign off on the security of the OS. Cool!) She’s been at Microsoft over six years, and a time that really stands out for her was when she volunteered to help during the Blaster virus breakout. She realized then the impact we have on our customers, whether it’s our moms or the largest enterprise companies in the world, and helping to do the right thing for our customers no matter what is a very important part of her work philosophy today.



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    Absolutely love these community vids, awesome.
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    Shawn may estimate economic impacts of security software functions, and dig into where Windows security solution development value and quality make changes to arise business performance. Could you mind how much has Software Security expend for global marketplace?

    "Most costry Internet developing nation has an assumption of spam mail to Japan companies impacts 0.7bi USD/year, ISP investment 0.3bi USD/year and business and government investment 0.5bi USD/year"

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