5 Things about ASP.NET 5 that will Blow your Mind!

Play 5 Things about ASP.NET 5 that will Blow your Mind!

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    Great video by WebCampsTv!

    my questions are how to publish vNext app on local IIS7? can we publish to IIS today or we have to wait for final release? when I use publish command using FTP on VS2015 CTP, I got 2 folders approot and wwwroot, which one I need to copy on IIS7 inetpub directory?

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    Thanks for the video

    I noticed that you were using k in the command line. Just in case someone is confused with the naming I looked up the new names.

    k is now dnx, but it won't be renamed until the next VS CTP (as far as I know).

    in case someone is looking for the new names and the discussion
    k.cmd /kl.exe > dnx
    kre/xre > dnx
    kvm.ps1/.sh > dnvm.ps1.sh
    kpm > nuget

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    Great post. Love the top 5 things. I have a Azure VM with VS 2015 RC and am experimenting now with AngularJS and Grunt, and also on WebApi and oData.

    Min19:23 I noticed in @droth is still 'select line, cut, move, paste' ing , VS gives a great short cut:  


    Moves a whole line up. Try it :)

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    Hi @cfowlerMSFT  - do you have a link to the Asp.Net Identity show you refer to?  or do you know a Ch9 Vid (coming up?) on asp.net3 identity?

    I've found: https://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/customizing-asp-net-authentication-with-identity, https://www.asp.net/identity, https://github.com/aspnet/Identity, and am very excited about the ability to do Dependence Injection of the Auth objects.

    Like here: https://github.com/aspnet/Identity/blob/dev/samples/IdentitySample.Mvc/Controllers/AccountController.cs

    which could answer this S.O. post better ....


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    Downloaded "High Quality MP4" version but video quality is simply bad.. couldn't finish watching :(

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     @OzBobWa Using DI with ASP.NET Identity 3 is much better. You can found the sample for Identity 3 which uses DI from ASP.NET 5. Regarding the SO question, it is using Identity 2 and the comments indicate how to use AutoFac with Identity 2

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    The content negotiation hack for Chrome looks like a stupid idea. A lot of poor souls are gonna spend hours debugging why their content negotiation doesn't work as expected.

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    @BeingDev You will need both your wwwroot and approot to publish to IIS and they should be siblings in your website folder. The wwwroot folder should be configured as the physical path for your website. Also, make sure you use the x64 bit version of DNX when you publish as this is required by IIS. We plan to add tooling in the future to make this easier.


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    @Stilgar Yeah, I get where you are coming from. Why not just follow the spec, right? Pragmatically though we are hearing from a lot of frustrated Web API developers that want to see JSON when testing with the browser. It's actually a top Web API question on StackOverflow. There is precedence for doing this in other platforms - RoR has pretty much the exact same behavior that we are adopting. So, it's a tradeoff. The good news is that if you really don't like this new default behavior you can turn it off by setting RespectBrowserAcceptHeader on your MvcOptions.

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    Is Solaris being considered for ASP.NET cross platform support?

    Thanks for the great show.


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    really glad to see Microsoft making a huge step forward towards the Open Source world, also it borrows a lot from other open source great framework out there.

    I personally love the feature where you can bundle up the project build folder and give it to anybody and run anywhere (Mac or Linux). This will boost the whole .net developer world. Finally, once the .net is fully open sourced, it will become the greatest development eco-environment comparing to other languages and frameworks.

    Good Job!

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    hi, can viu bring same news in LightSwitch!

    thanks very match!

    Força Aí!


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    @danroth27: How are you supposed to deploy an ASP.NET 5 application to an application folder/virtual directory rather than website root? (www.example.com/myapp) If you publish the approot and wwwroot next to eachother, the approot will be public, and will also clash if you have more than one application (/myapp2). The wwwroot folder will not be named wwwroot either. Or are we now required to store the application outside of IIS' own website folders?

    Or are IIS applications no longer supported at all?

    Also, how is msdeploy going to know about this magic approot folder IIS knows nothing about? Or are we going to have to change tooling yet again? Will there even be tooling that allows us to publish websites/applications to web farms without manual interaction and tedious manual scripting/configuration?

    Finally, I've heard some rather scary stories that ASP.NET 5 will start locking your DLLs inside your bin folder, rather than shadow copying like ASP.NET does now. Is this really true? How are we supposed to update a web application if its files are locked?

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    Some of @RubenP might be answered by some comments that I made earlier today on IIS and vNext hosting.

    @cfowlerMSFT ... a great show topic: How to configure IIS on an Azure VM or on-prem box for vNext. It would be great if an IIS expert could go beyond the very limited knowledge that I posted at Github and really dig into the IIS settings for this. What else do we need to know? Are there any Advanced Settings for the AppPool of such apps that have a bearing on our app's performance, and are there plans to drop the need to even have Framework >=4.5.1 on the server to host a vNext app? I'd like to go CoreCLR with IIS and have no frameworks at all on the server.

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    David Warner

    Think it might be time to leave asp.net

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    Alireza Haghshenas

    That is certainly exciting.
    However, the one thing that REALLY blow my mind was the fact that you can host your application on port 5003 (18:42) and then browse it from 5005 (19:56) and it works :D ;)

    By the way, it is really exciting to see all this effort going on and the fact that we can now use it for free, and contribute, if needed.

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    @Alireza Haghshenas: Good catch, there may have been a bit of editing. That's how we ensure you are paying attention ;)

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    @OzBobWa:I just found Alt+ArrowUp the other day when I was working on some code, VERY handy thanks for leaving the tip!

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    Can you do a session on how Authentication/Authorization is handled?

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    @danroth27: Good afternoon, Daniel Roth.
    Why not authorize works when I add a role or claims. It only works when I do a logout and then a login. In this case, to make to operate automatically, that is, when I removes a role related to User he could not access the controller with the decorated authorize (Ex. [Authorize(Roles="Admin")]).
    I'm using MVC 6 and identity 3.0

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