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Benjamin Soulier Logs Into a Web Site Using a Bar Code and Windows Phone

34 minutes, 47 seconds


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Join your guides Brady Gaster and Cory Fowler as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week, MVP Benjamin Soulier from Cambridge Technology Partners shows us an awesome demonstration using a Windows Azure Web Site, his Windows Phone, Windows Azure Access Control Service, and a bar code. Benjamin has invented a great way to perform authentication using ACS, and he's here in the studio to show us how it works. This is one of the coolest demonstrations we've seen on the show yet. You'll be scratching your head asking, "Now how did he do that?"

We also have some welcome guests on the show—some MVPs we know from our communities. We'll introduce you to these guys, and to an east-coast event known as MADExpo, which some of the MVPs are involved in facilitating.

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  • Nice demo. Great project!

  • That is sweet. I have previously been thinking about solving scenarios like this with NFC, but there's not really enough devices with NFC chips yet (and if Apple doesn't include it in their devices an NFC requirement will never fly with actual customers).

    I'm assuming the QR serving bits are based in part on your "building your own STS" series? (I will be working through those posts.)

    You also mention that the WP app is on codeplex - would you be able to share the link?

  • Why Mr. Gaster frequently blow with the fist & hand  hits the desk ?!

    It reduces my concentration


  • srinisrini


  • TomTom

    Great QR demo -
    How long before we can expect to see a home pc version (and a matching Android app) ?

  • Rafaya-very good point. Started as a nervous habit, then became an inside joke. Sorry for being distracting. Mean no disrespect to viewers or guests, will stop. Feedback is valuable, appreciate the opportunity to make the show better.

  • @bradygaster:

    Thank you for your prompt reply and kind consideration . I appreciate your cooperating.

  • DenDen

    Hi everyone,

    I'm the co-worker of @bsoulier on this project.
    @Tom : actually an android version of the client is already in progress ;)
    For the rest we need to develop to provide a fully integration with any kind of service....let's hope we'll get enough attention

  • That's not really a "bar code" is it?


  • PerelliPerelli

    Really nice! :) In the video mr. Soulier mentions that it is on codeplex. Would you be so kind to post a link?

  • Hello everyone,

    The solution is was mentioning being on Codeplex is a library to manage Certificates Within Windows Phone, which is http://scrypt.codeplex.com/

    For the project itself, we are actually building a product around it, so I am afraid I won't be releasing code of this solution Smiley

    Thanks for watching!

  • Dustin HorneDustin Horne

    Benjamin -

    Thanks for using my CodePlex project. Always great to know when people are finding it useful. One thing I'd like to point out though is that the Scrypt RSA library isn't really made for certificate management. It's built to offer an RSA implementation for Silverlight that mirrors the most common features of Microsoft's RSACryptoServiceProvider and does so using mostly the same method signatures (with the exception of signing where I made it more extensible to allow different hashing algorithms to be created). The biggest issue though is that Silverlight doesn't have access to the SecureString type that the full framework has so there are some minor implications there.

    The biggest thing I'd like to point out, however, is that as of Mango, Windows Phone 7 now has native support for RSA via the RSACryptoServiceProvider. While I like what I created, I would actually recommend using the native solution unless you're planning to integrate the source and make it more cross-platform (i.e. not specific to Silverlight).

    Another good use for the Scrypt RSA library is for code that needs to run on Windows XP and needs to do OAEP padding. OAEP is the recommended padding method for RSA but XP only supports PKCS (not really sure why). Using this library you could perform OAEP padding on XP machines.



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