Bootstrap yourself on Boostrap with Pranav Rastogi

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    My Helper

    Thank you for the session.
    How did the Bootstrap 3.0 come up in the scaffolding? I can see only Bootstrap 2.x in Visual Studio 2013 RC.

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    Delwar Hossain

    Hi excelant

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    Dhaval Shah


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    Yeah I'm working with the RC of 2013 and got a BootStrap 2.x template. At first I was excited until I found out about the major changes like hero-unit being called jumbotron now. Hoping that the final one will have 3.0.0 on it....

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    Am confused. The cast made reference to RC but we've had RTM for a couple/few weeks now. RTM follows RC, doesn't it? Was the cast recorded some time prior to RTM?

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    @Steve:Yes, this was actually filmed a few weeks ago in early September.  Sorry about the confusion!

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    @My Helper, For VS 2013 RTM, the scaffolders will generate bootstrap v3 markup

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    Nice video..i am a big fan of bootstrap..Happy to see MS folks using Chrome instead of IE..

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    Like, this video useful! Thanks. Bootstrap help coding website easy

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