Bootstrap yourself on Boostrap with Pranav Rastogi

Play Bootstrap yourself on Boostrap with Pranav Rastogi
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Join your guides Cory Fowler and Jaffe Worley as they talk to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week Jaffe and Haishi are joined by Pranav Rastogi to talk about Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a mobile first front-end framework for building web sites and web applications. Bootstrap has been adopted into the new ASP.NET templates which will ship with Visual Studio 2013. Get a guided explanation through many of the exciting CSS and Javascript features in Bootstrap which will help you speed up the design of your latest ASP.NET Website.

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The Discussion

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    My Helper

    Thank you for the session.
    How did the Bootstrap 3.0 come up in the scaffolding? I can see only Bootstrap 2.x in Visual Studio 2013 RC.

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    Delwar Hossain

    Hi excelant

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    Dhaval Shah


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    Yeah I'm working with the RC of 2013 and got a BootStrap 2.x template. At first I was excited until I found out about the major changes like hero-unit being called jumbotron now. Hoping that the final one will have 3.0.0 on it....

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    Am confused. The cast made reference to RC but we've had RTM for a couple/few weeks now. RTM follows RC, doesn't it? Was the cast recorded some time prior to RTM?

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    @Steve:Yes, this was actually filmed a few weeks ago in early September.  Sorry about the confusion!

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    @My Helper, For VS 2013 RTM, the scaffolders will generate bootstrap v3 markup

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    Nice video..i am a big fan of bootstrap..Happy to see MS folks using Chrome instead of IE..

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    Like, this video useful! Thanks. Bootstrap help coding website easy

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