Building Mobile Applications using HTML5 with Nomad for Visual Studio

Play Building Mobile Applications using HTML5 with Nomad for Visual Studio

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    i love this revolutionary video and after that i must try visual studio to start my development experience toward major smartphone operating system, because of develop my own website app for iOS and android, i hope you'll guide further if anything will stuck me. thanks

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    Sure, if you have any issues then send them to - we are pretty quick at answering Smiley


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    Loved it!

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    Neil H

    HI there

    Very impressive tool! at first glance this appeals to me more than using Devexpress Dxtreme & Kendo UI from Telerik.

    I am a keen Windows Azure mobile services user & towards the end of the video I briefly heard about an issue with using Azure with IOS applications? Could you elaborate on this and tell me if this is going to be possible or not.


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