Damian Edwards and David Fowler Demonstrate SignalR

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SignalR is a groundbreaking open-source project in the .NET community. It offers real-time communication to a variety of platforms, is easy to use and to set up, and scales immensely. The progenitors of one of the most popular projects on GitHub and NuGet, Damian Edwards and David Fowler, demonstrate the power of SignalR using some amazing demonstrations in this episode. You won't want to miss this Web Camps TV episode, it'll open your eyes to the possibilities available with SignalR if you need asynchronous, real-time communication.


ASP.NET, SignalR



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The Discussion

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    Nice video on SignalR. It's actually kind of cool to put a face and voice to David Fowler. We've chatted a lot on both NuGet and JabbR.

    I'm very excited about the types of apps that a library like SignalR not only makes possible but how simple it is to do so.


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    Please bring back Damian often!!


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    Damian is a BEAST!!!  Lex Luther of ASP.NET Web Forms.

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    Awesome stuff. You now have 801 followers.

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    Great work! This is really impressive stuff!

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    SignalR is the beginning of SkyNet

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    signalR really bridges the gaps here. it would be nice to see websocket transport build in to the lib (instead of the requirement to run it in win8 and .net 4.5), but then it's an awkward situation to create a separate websocket implementation here. nontheless, it's very a  cool lib.

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    AWESOME stuff! I'd appreciate it though if Brady stopped the useless repetition of  "right", "nice", "wonderful", etc every 5 seconds! Angel

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    I appreciate the feedback and will adapt for future interviews. I was pretty excited about this interview, so forgive my enthusiasm for all the topics these guys covered. It was a really great chat, and I hope that didn't detract from the quality of information they put forward. 

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    Awesome! Just started using SignalR a week ago and it works like magic. Great stuff!

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    This has my attention now.  Great demos and conversation. 

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