DevExpress maintains AjaxControlToolkit for ASP.NET WebForms Developers

Play DevExpress maintains AjaxControlToolkit for ASP.NET WebForms Developers
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Join your guide Cory Fowler as he talks to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week Cory is joined by Pranav Rastogi (ASP.NET Team) and Mehul Harry (DevExpress) to talk about ASP.NET Web Forms and the AjaxControlToolkit. The AjaxControlToolkit is an open source project which was created my Microsoft and is now maintained by DevExpress. Check out the resent work that DevExpress has been doing to improve the AjaxControlToolkit.

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    Data Juggler

    Thank you Dev Express!

    I am slowly looking at moving to MVC, but a lot of the world tends to act like code built the 'old way' is wrong. I have to look at what is the best value I can provide for the customer I am working for, and for me Web Forms and Web Server control is what I can provide the best value for until I master MVC.

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    Just to let you guys know that the video is frozen from 24:40 to 27:36 and we are unable to see that part of the demo.

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