Dirt Simple Web and Database Deployment in Visual Studio 11

Play Dirt Simple Web and Database Deployment in Visual Studio 11

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    James Baylon

    This is a required step of having a real DCM (Database Change Management) in the Visual Studio.

    a real DCM requirs to have a version control solution that fit the database workflow - having the team works on a central resource with Check-Out/Check-In change policy enforcement embeded to the database engine. The second part of DCM is a deploy module that is integrated to the Version Control module.

    For those who work on Oracle database, you can read more in http://www.dbmaestro.com


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    Thanks sayed

    Is the vs2010 extensions released or not?

    And also I want to know that whether you usas SSDT and if so, whichversion of SSDT should be installed?

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    The VS 2010 extension is not released yet. We are using components of SSDT but not the full stack. Once we make it available for VS 2010 we will pull in the correct versions of the components.


    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi 

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