How to Use the Web Platform Installer Command Line Tool with Chris Sfanos

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In this episode, Chris Sfanos introduces the features available in the Web Platform Installer command-line tool. This tool allows for command-line execution of Web Platform Installer features, offline cache mode, and even entire downloads of the whole Web Platform Installer library. If you have a series of machines on which you need to install lots of developer tools like Visual Studio Express, WebMatrix 2, or IISExpress, and would rather script the process, take a look at this short introduction to how the command-line interface can give you scriptable install processes.





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The Discussion

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    In Portugal 50, 100 or even 200 MBps is the standard internet speed. Those days of dial-up 56 are gone. But in USA there are many many low connections too.

    Great video, great options for caching. Thank you

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    I personally have a trick that "copy all file that WPI installer install in appdata folder and run them in another computer if they are offline".

    The problem I trouble is Suppose I try to copy from Win7 computer and the system I want to install is XP. This means you have some other dependencies that make it horrible to get them all and install their.

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    Great video,thanks!

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